Destiny 2: How Long is the Game?


Destiny 2 has officially launched, but the big question everyone will want to know is it worth your time? Given the original suffered a rather noticeable and rocky start, there is a lot riding on this title’s success. Much of this will be determined by the amount of content offered to players in the base game. There is a strong amount of PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player) activities available, but if you are focused on the main story only then you might be a little disappointed.

Including the Prologue that was featured in the beta, there is a total of 16 different campaign missions for players to complete. If you want to see the entire game to the end, it will take you roughly 8-10 hours to finish them all. This, of course, includes stopping back and forth at the main hub, however, one can easily get sidetracked when out in the world. Players should also note that some missions are level locked, so if you aren’t high enough you cannot play it. Once you finish the main story, players can then take part in the various end game activities such as Strikes, Nightfalls, the Raid, and Lost Sectors.

Users are also encouraged to replay missions once they are done to earn reputation and tokens from Ikora Rey. Players can also hunt for a ton of loot and exotic gear, along with uncovering secrets on the four explorable planets. There is also a large PvP component in Destiny 2, which can easily add dozens upon dozens of hours to your play time.

Overall, omitting the PvP component there is easily 40 to 60 hours of gameplay if you want to see, do, and blow up everything you come across. Now, this number could vary depending on your skill level and how lucky you are with your loot drops.  One should also take into account the raid, which could be anywhere from an hour to several depending on how skilled your team is.

Looking to the horizon there are also two expansions coming to Destiny 2 if you just cannot get enough. Despite having a short campaign, it’s clear that Destiny 2 is just jammed packed with material for both new and old players.

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