Destiny 2: How to Beat the Inverted Spire Nightfall

Destiny 2

The newest Nightfall for Destiny 2 has officially dropped and thankfully it is far easier than last week’s variation on Arms Deal.  Set on The Inverted Spire strike, players will have to contest with the Prism modifier and one called Timewarps. When you start, users will have 10 minutes to quickly rush through the Nightfall and finish it as quickly as possible.

As for the modifiers, Prism will constantly rotate between Arc, Solar, and Void giving players a boost to their elemental burn damage. However, if you use an opposing element to the one selected then you’ll suffer a large damage reduction. These burns do not apply to the enemy or your Kinetic weapons.

Timewarps acts a bit differently than the time bank modifier last week. Instead of killing enemies, players will need to jump through rings to boost their time. Once you jump through the first ring, this will trigger several more to spawn for around a minute. For every ring you jump through you’ll earn 30 seconds to your timer.

When deciding on what kind of gear and Supers to run, try to have each of your fireteam members pick one of the core elements. Focus on high impact, crowd controlling subclasses like the Dawnbreaker or Sentinal. Weapons like the Borealis, Hard Light, and Skyburner’s Annex are all fantastic weapon choices. Make sure your kit contains one of each element so you aren’t left with any problems.


As for the Nightfall itself, when you start quickly switch to your Sparrows and launch towards the objective. Skip by any enemies you don’t need to kill, quickly eliminate those by the cliff, and hack the console. Make your way through the Nightfall as you would the Strike until you reach the large cave with the first set of rings.

Jump down and have one person stay up by the ring so they can activate the other ones. However, do not activate the time rings until all of the enemies on the main floor are cleared out. The last thing you want is to be gunned down while trying to add more time to your clock. After every foe is dead, have the person up top activate the rings and then everyone should try to jump through every single one. This will easily add at least 3 to 4 minutes on your overall time.

From here, make your way towards the large battlefield and switch to your Sparrows once you reach this area so you can traverse it faster. There will be another set of rings here, so follow the same idea as last time. After all the principle enemies are dead in both bunkers, activate the ring and start collecting your time. Make sure to save at least one Super before you progress to the next area.

When you reach the large turbine room, activate the console to begin the wave of enemies. Have one person pop their Super and clean house, which should make enough orbs for the next person. Keep cycling through your team’s Supers until the jump pad is activated.

Destiny 2

The final ring section is the giant drill area and for this one just ignore the enemies. Activate it and have one person go high, another low, and the final middle. Only grab the time rings you are comfortable with and if all goes according to plan you should have around 9 to 10 minutes on your clock.

Go through the boss as you would normally, however, if you have the Merciless Exotic weapon save it for the Solar burn. Trust us, it can absolutely devastate this boss, especially in the second and third phase. Time your Supers with the elemental cycles and you should easily clear this boss. For reference, my fireteam missed a few rings and still ended this Nightfall with 7:30 left on the clock.

This Nightfall is far easier than last weeks and it’s perfect for those trying to get the Destiny 2  Rat King Exotic quest done.

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