Destiny 2: How to Earn Your First Exotic

Destiny 2

As you make your way through Destiny 2’s twisting and chaotic story you’ll begin to earn a variety of different loot drops. However, the majority of these items will be of the Uncommon rarity and for those wanting a bit of an edge, you’ll have to wait. Thankfully, those wanting to have some semblance of power, players can earn an Exotic once they make their way to the moon known as Titan.

This oceanic planet is the current come of Zavala, who is desperately trying to piece together some semblance of a resistance. It will be a few missions before you are allowed to come to Titan, but once you do Zavala will explain that he needs your help reclaiming the station from the Hive. What follows are two separate missions and once you finish turning the power on you’ll be free to explore Titan on Patrol. Once this happens approach Sloane (who should be right in front of you) and speak to her.

She will explain how happy she is with your work and offer up one of three Exotics. These will only be armor pieces, but you do get to pick which one to take. This will be your first Exotic in Destiny 2, regardless of what you do. Make sure to grab one that fits your playstyle and can offer some good utility for the road to come. These Exotic armor pieces will sport a Light level of 105, so regardless you’ll still gain some serious level increase.

You cannot take back the Exotic armor piece once you pick it, so make sure to choose the one you really want. The last thing you need is to pick an Exotic only to find out you hate it an hour or so later. Rest assured, you will eventually come across a better version of the exotic you’re currently wearing but that might take some time.

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