Destiny 2: How to Get and Use Your Sparrow

Destiny 2 Nessus


There are a lot of things to obtain in Destiny 2, however, one of the most iconic is the Sparrow speeder bike which pretty much every Guardian owned. Yet, developer Bungie has made a curious change to how one gets a Sparrow in Destiny 2. Sadly there is no mission or quest during the campaign you can finish to obtain this vehicle, instead players will need to obtain special “bright engrams.” These can be gathered by either purchasing them at Eververse or by leveling up beyond the max level. You will need to be level 20 for either of these to be available to you. However, you will be awarded one when you finish the main story, so at least there’s that.

In a brief interview, Polygon spoke with Bungie’s senior environment artist Jason Sussman who explained the developers reasoning behind their early game omission.

“There’s a lot of content now that we place in these worlds — there’s a lot of little offshoots and bits of history — and we don’t want people just blasting past it. And it was finding that right balance of when, right, and how much we wanted you to walk those destinations, but it was intentional.”

The concept behind the Sparrows being available in the first few hours of Destiny 2 does make sense, however, it’s a bit frustrating they are left up to RNG (Random Numbers Generator). Given we don’t know the drop rates for Sparrows, it could take you some time before you’re riding in style. However, if you do manage to get one all you have to do is go to your character menu and then equip it at the bottom tab. This will bind it to your Guardian so whenever you pull up your Ghost you’ll have the option to summon it.

There is a small workaround if you do want to drive around the various planets. Scattered throughout are enemy speeder bikes known as Pikes, these can be taken after the driver is killed and used as makeshift Sparrows. Plus, they have pretty strong energy machine guns mounted on the front so you can easily cut through most basic enemies.

Keep in mind if you have an extra Sparrow you can transfer it over to your other characters with no issues. This can only be done after your first Guardian has obtained a secondary Sparrow.

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