Destiny 2: How to Get Bright Dust

There are four different types of currencies in Destiny 2, but one of the rarest is called “Bright Dust.” Used only at the Eververse stand, this item can be used to purchase new emotes, shaders, vehicles, and weapon ornaments. However, this item is only obtainable through two means currently in Destiny 2. Sadly, Bright Dust can be a bit tricky to obtain in large quantities without shelling out real-world dollars.

The first method is simply by decrypting Bright Engrams at the Eververse station, as they have a chance to award the player with Bright Dust. There is no guarantee that you will get some though since the Bright Engrams have a lot of different items they transform into. At Eververse there are three distinct packages of Bright Dust that are labeled, Small, Medium, and Huge. The first two are just considered Rare (blue), while the “Huge” sized offering is set at the Legendary (purple) rarity.

You can earn Bright Dust another way and that’s by dismantling certain items in your inventory. Some items like Transmat Effects will give players a small amount of Bright Dust (typically only 5). The best way to actually earn this item is by dismantling Sparrows and Ships since they will typically award you around 100  Bright Dust. You will lose this vehicle, but unless you’re out to collect them all there really is no need to keep dozens of Sparrows. In contrast, shaders, and ghosts will not give you any Bright Dust at all. If you dismantle weapon mods then you’ll either obtain Glimmer or Mod Components.

The best way to go about getting Bright Dust is simply via Bright Engrams which can either be purchased for real-world money or earned after you level up. Keep in mind, you will only begin earning Bright Engrams after you hit level 20, as this is when the Eververse Trading Company actually opens its doors to players. Sadly there is no other way to grind or earn this item so you will need to be patient and simply hope that your Bright Engram drops are good.

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