Destiny 2: How to Get Exotic Engrams

Destiny 2


    1. Warning: Destiny 2 spoilers may follow.

Destiny 2 is out now and while most players are likely grinding through story content or just starting the game for the first time, there’s a handful of people who have made it to endgame and are looking for things to do. One of those things you might decide to do is farm Exotic or Legendary Engrams to help build up your Power Level whether that’s for participating in either the Nightfall Strikes or the raid.

A variety of endgame content is already available in Strikes, Crucible content and now Nightfall Strikes but you might be wondering what a quick was to get Exotic Engrams is. For the most part, you get Exotic Engrams the same way you get other Engrams but you need to do some added praying to the RNG gods if you want to pull them in with any certainty. You even have to go hunt one down to complete this quest step for the Sturm Exotic.

One guaranteed way to secure an Exotic Engram is to complete the main story. Once you do this, just head to Tyra Karn in the new hub area and you’ll be rewarded with one. Unfortunately, other Exotic Engrams won’t come as easily so cherish this one while you can.

As of right now, there isn’t a surefire quickest way to farm Exotics and that’s probably by design. The game just came out so Bungie probably doesn’t want players hoarding Exotics already. For now, here are some of the ways you can potentially obtain and Exotic Engram.

Crucible: Destiny 2 saw some major changes come to the Crucible when compared to Destiny 1. Every playlist features 4v4 matches which makes for smaller matches but now it feels like each player plays a bigger role. Completing matches can reward you with Exotic Engrams but the drop rate is minuscule. Matches tend to go pretty quick so we can definitely think of worse ways to farm for engrams. Besides, the Crucible is pretty fun.

Strikes: Strikes represent some of the coolest content Destiny 2 has to offer. A Strike takes three players and puts them together to take down a big boss at the end. Most Strikes require good teamwork so it’s rewarding when you can get to the end and defeat the boss. If you’re lucky, you might even receive an Exotic at the end.

Public Events: Public Events start pretty often across the different zones and there always seems to be a healthy amount of players doing them so these make for great opportunities to farm for Exotic Engrams. Heroic Public Events will make your drop rates for Exotics even higher so you’ll want to do those every time you see one going on.

You might be feeling lucky and start hunting down Yellow Health enemies. These enemies have a chance of dropping Exotics but this probably isn’t the best method to be using. That doesn’t mean you should pass them up if you see an enemy like that but it definitely isn’t the most preferred method.

If you find yourself with an Exotic you don’t want, you can always break it down to obtain 10 Legendary Shards which is the same currency Xur accepts to obtain new Exotics. Xur will start showing up weekly starting with next week.

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