Destiny 2: How to Get Kinetic Weapon Mods

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There are a lot of items you can obtain in Destiny 2 that will help you level up, but one of the most elusive is Kinetic Weapon Mods. Unlike many of the other mods, you’ll obtain in the wild or by obtaining Bright Engrams from Eververse, Kinetic Weapon Mods are unique to the Gunsmith.  This can become frustrating since weapon mods are largely needed to reach higher light levels like 280 or 300. So far, there are only two ways to obtain Kenitic Mods in Destiny 2 and they will both revolve around chance.

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The first way is to simply be given it when decrypting a Gunsmith engram after ranking him up. This guy can give you a variety of different weapons and mods, so there is a fairly low chance that you’ll obtain a Kenitic Mod. To actually rank him up, all you need to do is break down armor and weapons that are of blue colored rarity or above. This will give you Gunsmith Parts, which can be turned into Banshee at social space. Unless you are infusing these items, always break them down so you can gain more reputation with this Exo.

As for the second method, you will need a lot of Glimmer and some luck to obtain one of these elusive mods. Go to Banshee and scroll down to “Gear Mods” and select the blue colored one labeled “Random Mod.” For 2,500 Glimmer this will give you a random Rare (blue) class mod for either a piece or armor or a weapon. It’s completely random, but since there is nothing really to spend your Glimmer on this is a good place to offload your extra cash.

Purchase as many as you possibly can and then scroll down to the section just below the Gear Mod column. In order to obtain a Legendary Mod, users must first have three of the same type of Rare mod to create it. So in order to make a Legendary Void Damage Mod, you’ll need three rare level ones first.

What you are going to do is break down your Legendary Mods into Mod Components, which can be turned into Banshee for a random Legendary Armor or Weapon mod. One of these random mods can be Kinetic, so this is your best chance at obtaining one.

We recommend breaking down any Legendary Mod you have no interest or use for since they can be converted to a more valuable resource. Remember to always select the Random Weapon Mod from Banshee when spending Mod Components otherwise you’ll end up buying items for your armor.

Finally, you can purchase Kinetic Weapon Mods directly from Banshee now. However, this is only possible when they are in stock, so make sure to keep checking after his items rotate.

With a bit of luck and a lot of cash, you should be able to obtain a Kinetic Mod for your favorite Destiny 2 weapon in no time.

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