Destiny 2: How to Get Your Clan Banner and Earn Clan Rewards

Destiny 2 Bungie

There are a lot of ways to complete activities in Destiny 2, but one of the best is with friends. While you can always play alone, developer Bungie is pushing the idea of a clan system into the game. By joining a clan you will be able to be meet like minded people and collect some seriously good rewards. Starting today, Destiny 2 has activated its in-game clan system that allows you to collect loot and gain special passive bonuses.

Once you have actually joined a clan, head to the social space and then make your way over to Hawthorne. She will act as your main go-to for everything clans, so head to her and collect your Clan Banner. If you aren’t seeing it pop up, back out of Destiny 2 and then re-enter the game to load the system up. Once you grab your clan banner two sections on your main menu will open up, a clan tab on the top left and a clan section in your inventory.

From here you can see your clan level for the season along with your weekly challenge engrams. In order to earn these Legendary engrams, you must complete the following events with at least half your clan being apart of the fireteam.  You can collect all Legendary engrams earned from clan activities by speaking with Hawthrone.

  • Crucible
  • Nightfall
  • Raid
  • Trials of the Nine

Remember this will also earn you and your members experience for your Season rank. This will level up for everyone in the clan, regardless if they are participating in activities or not. To see the level rewards go back to your character menu and click on the Clan Banner in the bottom right.

There is also a Milestone challenge for a Powerful Legendary Engram that asks your clan members to finish raids, strikes, Nightfalls, and other world activities like Public Events. Once this hits 100% the milestone will unlock and reward is yours. We highly recommend joining a clan, as it’s a great way to earn free loot and push your Light level higher in Destiny 2.

For more guides, tips, and tricks make sure to visit our Destiny 2 page.

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