Destiny 2: How to Start All the Heroic Public Events

Destiny 2


Public Events in the original  Destiny were a fun, but largely ignored part of the game that really didn’t add much. However, in Destiny 2 they are not only a great source of loot but can be altered via a Heroic modifier. This modifier can only be triggered during the event and every Public Event has a different trigger. Understanding how to start each one is critical since they offer some of the best gear, including Exotic engrams.

Here is how to trigger every Heroic Public Event in Destiny 2:

1. Fallen Ether

In this event, players are tasked with destroying a giant Servitor before the timer expires. During the fight, this bot will summon a total of four additional, smaller Servitors to shield and buff him.  To trigger this Heroic modifier, simply kill all four Servitors before they disappear, which can easily be done with a Super or Power weapon.

2. Fallen Glimmer Extraction

For this one, Guardians will have to chase down three separate Fallen ships that are trying to establish drop sites across a certain region. If you want to trigger this Heroic Public Event, you’ll need to destroy three small generators that appear a few seconds after the first wave drops.

There is one generator per drop site and it won’t have a health bar, but your damage numbers will show up. Blow all of these generators up (shotguns work best) to start the Heroic version and earn that extra loot. Remember, if you kill all the Fallen at a given drop site before the generator it will disappear and your chance will be lost.

3. Cabal Extraction

This one is probably the most annoying to trigger since you’ll need to dodge artillery and Cabal soldiers. To start this, players will need to destroy a Cabal Thresher ship before it flies away. This vessel only makes about two rounds before leaving so you will need to be quick and efficient with your damage.

Snipers, rockets, and Supers work best at destroying it, but make sure to watch your back since you’ll be swarming with Cabal. After the ship falls, the Heroic Public Event will trigger and then you just need to survive.

4. Cabal Injection Rig

This event focuses around the Cabal dropping a giant drill into the ground that is heavily guarded by Psions and other troops. In order to start the Heroic modifier, you’ll need to destroy 7 vents (3 on the top, 3 in the middle, and 1 on the bottom). Do not kill the Psions before doing this and make sure to be quick about it.

Out of all the other Public Events, this one really needs more than one person helping. After all the vents are blown up, you will trigger the Heroic Public Event and can continue disrupting the Cabal’s plans.

5. Spider Tank Attack


Perhaps the easiest one to trigger, all that’s required is you unlock all six of the pods scattered around the arena. When the Spider Tank is disabled it will drop at least 3 reactors each of which can be slotted into one of the six pods next to the Scorch Cannons. This will typically take two cycles, so make sure to not destroy the tank until all three sets of Scorch Cannons are unlocked.

Once they are released a second Spider Tank will drop down, but the Scorch Cannons make quick work of them. Just remember to hold down the fire button when you shoot around with the Scorch Cannon. Once it clicks three times, release the trigger to cause an insane amount of damage.

6. Vex Construction

Another fairly easy one, this event will probably require you have at least three people cooperating to achieve it. Once the event begins players will need to defend a tower from a swarm of Vex trying to sacrifice themselves to it. Have one person stay and defend, while two others run out to three other plate spawn points.

You can easily find these by following the data trails that are coming from the central construct. Stand on the plate until it reaches 100% and then move to the next one and repeat. Once all three plates are fully charged the Heroic Public Event will begin.

7. Hive Witches Ritual

Another easy one, this Public Event has players standing on two separate plates to summon some angry Wizards. Kill the first two that come out and then focus your fire on two white, glowing crystals above the giant gate. If you are fast enough these will be killed before the third wizard comes out, allowing you to start the Heroic Public Event. If all goes well you will be facing down a giant, angry Knight (Who resembles a Destiny 1 strike boss), instead of the Wizard.

8. Taken Blights

This Strike will consist of three separate waves and players will need to fight through an army of Taken soldiers. To start this Heroic Public Event, users will need to destroy the orb in the air that creates each wave of Taken Blights. You will need to dip in and out of the shielded pillars to gain a debuff that lets you blow up the orb in the air. Remember, this item has a lot of health, so try to use your most powerful weapon.

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