Destiny 2: How to Unlock The Gunslinger Subclass

Destiny 2

Looking to obtain the power of the Gunslinger in Destiny 2 and bring hellfire down on your foes? When you play through the campaign, you’ll eventually lose all your powers and have to reacquire them. Sadly, you are not just simply given the Gunslinger subclass and you’ll need to go through a few steps to earn it back. The first is you’ll need to get an item called the Hunter Relic, which jump starts this quest for you.

To actually obtain the Hunter Relic, you’ll need to open a bunch of chests or finish some Public Events. Once you actually get this item via a random drop, you will need to charge it by getting kills in either PvE (Player vs Environment) or PvP (Player vs Player). After you have it ready, you will be given a quest in the EDZ that sends you back to The Dark Forest. Users will need to battle through a few waves of enemies, all while getting some lore background on the Gunslinger.

Once you actually reach the Shard of the Traveler you’ll enter a cutscene that regifts you with the skills of the Gunslinger. However, just like when you obtained the Arcstrider, dozens upon dozens of enemies will rush you. Step into the pools of Light to instantly refill your Super. Take your time here and practice landing precision shots with this powerful move. ┬áMost of the Gunslinger’s class relies on critical hits so you will want to make sure that you can land them consistently on your foes.

Additionally, this subclass will not come fully upgrade as only your Super, grenades, and jumps will be unlocked for use. It will be up to you to upgrade the remaining skill trees and customize the Gunslinger as you see fit. This is an exceptionally powerful class that deals a lot of single target damage, so if you need to take down bosses this should be your go to in Destiny 2.

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