Destiny 2: How to Unlock The Voidwalker Subclass

Destiny 2


There are a lot of ways to deal death in Destiny 2, but one of our personal favorites is by the Nova Bomb. This powerful explosive can only be used with the Warlock’s subclass titled Voidwalker, which is lost after Destiny 2’s prologue. Thankfully, players can reacquire this item, but it will take a bit of time and luck, as the main quest is tied to a random drop. What you will be looking for is an odd Warlock bond that is colored maroon and will appear in your subclass selection menu when obtained.

Remember, this is not an actual bond so it won’t show up where that armor slot normally is. As for the drop, it can be given as a random reward for finishing Public Events in the EDZ. Just spend some time running around and completing Public Events until it drops. The Heroic modifier doesn’t matter, for now, so focus on just finishing them first. After you obtain the bond it will give you a fair easy task, which when completed will unlock a special mission.

This level, titled Shard of the Traveler, can only be completed solo so make sure you’re not in a fireteam if you seek to finish this quest. As for the mission itself, it’s fairly straightforward and shouldn’t give you much trouble. Players will need to venture back into The Dark Forest, only this time you will get a brief history lesson about the Void. You’ll eventually come across another Shard of the Traveler, which will gift you with the power of the Voidwalker subclass.

From here, take on the waves of enemies by dispatching them with your Nova Bomb.  This is easy enough as long as you stand in the pools of Light to instantly charge your Super. Finish this level and you will be instantly rewarded the Voidwalker subclass.

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