Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid: How to Beat the Bath Room

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After placing the keys in the first section of Destiny 2’s Leviathan raid, you will be led down a hallway that eventually ends with a large room called the Bath House. In here you will be tasked with stopping a ritual via destroying 9 capsules that are hanging on chains in the center room. Take note, because the water itself is poisonous and will kill you if you linger in it long enough.

In the room, there are five sections with glowing white orbs (one in the center and one in each of the four corners) touching one will give you a buff called “Psyonic Protection.” This buff will allow you to not only walk on the water harm free but will also cause the chains in the four corners to slowly lower. Once you pick the buff up in the four corners it will not respawn again, as only the center one respawns. The object of this room is to have all four chains lowered at the same time so you activate the next section of this fight.

To accomplish this, have each team of three rotate their positions so that there is always someone on the two platforms. So for the right side, you will have some start in the center, front right, and back right respectively. The person in the center will grab the Psyonic Protection buff from the center once the front right person reaches x20 on their stack. Your center and front right person will now switch places, as this allows the center user (who just got the buff) to continue bringing the chain down.

Now the person who was front right, run back to the center and grab the Psyonic Protection buff. You will then run to the back right and swap with them, who will, in turn, grab the buff in the center. You will continuously rotate who is on the four pads in your two groups of three. What you want is all four concrete blocks on the four chains to lock in place by the four plates. Even when the block reaches the bottom do not jump off it as the chain will slowly go up.

Once all four chains are locked you will hear a chime, when this goes off quickly have everyone run back to the center. Now have two people deal with the enemies that will come out and have the rest shoot the open pods until they explode. You should be able to get at least 5 before the rotation restarts again and you start taking damage for standing in the water. To boost your damage use the Warlock’s empowering rift and the Titan’s low barricade to instantly reload. When this damage phase is over, two Psions will spawn in the center and need to be instantly killed. Your game plan will look like this:

  • Start
  • Lock the four chains
  • Center damage phase
  • Psions 
  • Reset

It should take you two full rotation cycles before all nine pods are completely destroyed. Remember, those on the plates will be swarmed with enemies, so those who are floating try to help kill the Bath Cabal foes. Think of this encounter as the Totems in the King’s Fall raid, as it requires largely the same idea for rotating positions. Once all of the pods are destroyed make your back to the key room to open another door and head to the next encounter.

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