Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid: How to Finish the First Encounter (Keys)


The Destiny 2 Leviathan raid has officially dropped and there is no doubt that tons of fireteams will be rushing in to finish this endgame activity. Set on a massive Cabal warship, players will need to navigate through several challenges that will test your accuracy and teamwork. The first of these has players entering a massive room full of powerful Cabal enemies and several doors leading in different directions.

In order to progress to the first raid encounter, you will need to gather three keys from three separate cabal bosses that will appear. The first door will be on your left and will have three symbols etched into the ground. Divide into two teams of two, with four guarding the door and the other two going out to hunt for the keys. Their order will be random but we do know that a boss will spawn in one of four locations around the map.

To start, clear out all the enemies and then send two people to go hunt for the boss. He is not terribly difficult so just burn him down with Supers and Heavy ammo. The other four will need to stay by the door on the left and just deal with the Cabal that are coming out. Once the first boss falls, have one of the two grab a key and run it back to the door. Place the key in on the specific symbol and then have the two Guardians go run out and hunt for the next boss.

Meanwhile, the other four players will have to defend the key from Cabal that are going to try and take it. Occasionally a “Councilor” will spawn that is a Psion in a clear bubble. This mage will buff a random Cabal with invulnerability until he is dead, so as soon as you see the words “A Counselor Has Appeared…” go out and search for him. He has a very little amount of health so run into the bubble, drop him, and then run out.

You will need to defend this point until all three keys are placed and the door behind you is opened. This is a fairly easy room to clear and you should need more than two people to kill the three Cabal bosses.  Congratulations, you have officially finished the first section of the Destiny 2 Leviathan raid.

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