Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid: Where to Find the Irrigation Chest

Destiny 2


With Destiny 2’s Leviathan raid officially underway, users will be flocking to this new activity in order to discover every secret possible. One of these secrets if the Irrigation Chest, which can be found deep within the twisting corridors of Emperor Calus’s ship. It’s easy to get lost down here, so we recommend doing your exploration after the raid itself. You will also need the Irrigation Key to open this specific chest, so make sure it’s in your inventory.

To start, spawn into the raid and head underneath the long walkway you just ran across. Underneath should be a small room with 6 levers, all of which need to be pulled in the correct order. This can be done with three people if you are quick enough, otherwise, assign one member of your team to a lever. Now, pull the switches in the order 1, 5, 3, 2, 4, 6 to have a door open up above you. Climb up the tower until you reach an area with two pipes that can be walked on.

This is the entrance to the lower section of the Leviathan, so jump across the various platforms until you reach a large fan. Turn it on via the control console to the left and rise the wind to the very top where the room splits into two hallways. Head down the large hallway until you reach a stone wall then head right to the “Transfer” section of the map. The next room will be full of drones known as Watchers, but don’t pay any attention to them unless you want to fight. Rush by these little guys and head up to the raised platform and then hand a right.

Jump downstairs and then pass through the room with the gold chains until you reach another large area with huge spinning fans. Slowly make your way forward, deactivating these blades at the command consoles in front of them. Once you manage your way past all three, activate the next fan and ride the gust up to the top level.

Head through the circular hallway and pass across the purple floor to the next circular corridor in front of you. Enter the large, electricity filled room and jump across the platforms until you reach the next hallway. Follow it until you reach a door, unlock it, and then jump down into another Watcher filled room. Ignore all the enemies and run to the far end of the room until you reach what appears to be a dead end.

Jump up onto the open panel above the door and slowly walk along the pipes until you reach the area above the unmarked door. The chest is just below you, so just jump down and unlock it to receive your Destiny 2 raid rewards.

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