Destiny 2 Warlock, Hunter, or Titan: Which Class Should You Choose?

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The newest FPS/MMO hybrid Destiny 2 has officially arrived and there’s a lot to dig into with this game. One of the first things you will need to decide on is which of the three classes you will want to start as. Each of the three classes (Warlock, Hunter, and Titan)  all have different abilities, Supers, and exotics, so you’ll want to make sure you pick the right character for your playstyle.

When looking at the base classes, each clearly can fit into any activity, but some excel at other roles than others. Understanding what these classes do and how to use them will be critical, especially if you don’t want to pour a ton of extra time into leveling up all three.

Here is a breakdown of all three classes in Destiny 2:


Destiny 2


Titans are the frontline fighters of the Destiny universe, capable of not only dealing out a lot of damage, but taking it too. While they have the same HP as the other classes, their specific abilities give them more resistance and blocking potential.

The Sentinal is the shield bearer of Destiny 2 who is designed to block a lot of incoming fire and then exploiting foes when they are open. His Super can be changed from a throwable shield to a large bubble that can withstand an insane amount of punishment. This sub-class can also give Titan users an overshield upon melee hits thanks to the Defensive Strike skill. Plus the half barrier skill allows your team to instantly reload their weapons and increase your DPS.

This class also has the special ability to summon a shield that can either be waist or body high. This is fantastic for cutting off routes in PvP (Player vs Player) or PvE (Player vs Environment) game modes. The rest of the Titan’s subclasses are fantastic front line options that can easily break through even the toughest defenses. The Titan is perfect for those who like to play a bit more defensively, but still want to have some power behind their hits. They are not the most nimble, so be prepared to hold your ground if necessary, especially in PvP focused battles.


Destiny 2

Perhaps one of the most popular classes in the original Destiny, the Hunter is all about utility and single target damage. This is a class meant for those who like to be a bit quicker and pride themselves on being exceptionally accurate with their shots. The Gunslinger is a powerful subclass that can shred through tough foes via their Golden Gun super move. However, there is also an entire skill tree dedicated to precision both with a throwing knife and the Golden Gun itself. If you are able to land multiple critical shots with ease, you will be an exceptionally dangerous foe.

The Arcstrider is for more in your face action, as it infuses the Hunter with electric energy that makes them dangerous at close range. This subclass is all about speed and mobility, so you are able to enter into a room and clear it as quickly as possible. Backing this mentality up is the Hunter’s special class ability that gives them a dodge roll to get them out of sticky situations.

Nightstalker is the third sub-class and it’s still quite useful when playing with a team. This is a far more supportive build and offers the most flexibility than the Gunslinger and Arcstrider. Also, the Hunter has an Exotic called the Orpheus Rig which is probably the best armor piece in the game.

Hunters are all about high risk vs high reward styles of playing. Many of their skill trees reinforce their need for mobility, while others buff players who can make the most of their gear.


Destiny 2

A personal favorite, Warlocks are the master of crowd control, synergy, and can also offer up some much needed supportive abilities to a fireteam. The Voidwalker subclass is designed specifically to wipe out large numbers of enemies. Many of the skills are designed to feed into one another, allowing for skilled Voidwalkers to synergize and obliterate their foes with powerful grenades and melee strikes. Despite seeming underwhelming at first, this subclass only gets more powerful as you obtain powerful exotics and additional abilities.

Warlocks can also use their class ability to either create a pool of light that heals or damage buffs all teammates inside of it. This will be critical for raids and tougher endgame activities, as the Warlock is the first class in the Destiny series that can heal players. The rest of the subclasses are designed to inflict maximum impact on enemies.

Where things get fun is with the new Dawnblade subclass which is completely designed around the idea of flight and users will even get a mid-air dodge skill if they pick this. This is probably the weakest of all the Destiny 2 sub-classes, as it’s far more situational. In contrast, the Stormcaller is insanely powerful and is considered one of the best for the Leviathan raid.

For those looking for a class that is exceptionally good at both supporting and wiping out waves of foes then make sure to try the Warlock.

All three classes are fantastic in their own right, but if you are brand new to Destiny 2 I have to recommend the Titan. His strong defensive and offensive capabilities make him a powerhouse in PvE and PvP activities. However, you should always take into account your playstyle and pick which one best suits that. Remember, you can always make a new class if you want, so don’t feel obligated to see one through to the end if it’s not working for you.

For more guides, tips, and tricks make sure to visit our Destiny 2 page.

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