Destiny 2: Where to Find Your Cold Heart Exotic In-Game

Destiny 2, Cold Heart

Eli Becht

Destiny 2 is full of different weapons and armor pieces that you can obtain, however, one of them is currently only available by outside means. First revealed by IGN back late July, the Cold Heart is an exotic trace rifle that was billed as a pre-order bonus for the game. Available across all systems via pre-order, those looking to obtain the Cold Heart are required to have pre-ordered any edition of Destiny 2 before the September 6 launch date. If you didn’t then this item will not become obtainable for you until December 5, 2017.

This is a high recoil, damage over time beam weapon that becomes stronger the longer you hit an enemy with it. It’s exceptionally deadly against bigger, less mobile targets like Cabel or Vex Minotaurs, while quicker foes like Psions and Vandals will be a bit more difficult to dispose of. Since it’s Arc damage, try to focus it using it primarily when there is an Arc Burn modifier or against similarly shielded foes.

If you are looking to grab this weapon as soon as possible, you’ll need to finish the entire main story of Destiny 2 and be level 20. This weapon will not be available to players until then, so don’t stress about it if you don’t see the weapon appear right as the game begins. After you’ve finished the main campaign, you can then visit the Gunsmith at The Farm to obtain your prize. There are no additional steps required after you finish the campaign, so make sure to nab your shiny new rifle after you’re all done.

Remember, if you purchased a physical copy of Destiny 2 then you’ll need to input the code given to you. This can be found on the paper insert inside the game box, while digital users will either just have the gun already installed when the game or a separate code Given how powerful this rifle can be, it comes as no surprise that it’s available so late in the game. Players can also unlock this gun via Exotic Engrams, but only after they have obtained it from the vendor.

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