Destiny 2: Where to Find Your Veteran and Beta Rewards

Destiny 2


The original Destiny was perhaps one of the biggest games of this generation, so it should come as no surprise developer Bungie wants to honor the players in some way. This has come in the form of special emblems that you can wear in Destiny 2, however, they are only obtainable if you completed a series of tasks. Many of these requirements were tied to finishing the Moments of Triumph in the original Destiny. For those who didn’t play the original, Moments of Triumph were special side challenges that players could finish for both bragging rights and special rewards. There were three Moments of Triumph, each one tied to a different year.

There are a total of seven different emblems you can obtain to show off your veteran status, all of which can be obtained after you unlock the social space dubbed “The Farm.” Here’s how to unlock the seven different veteran status emblems in Destiny 2:

  • Lore Scholar – Reach 5,000 Grimoire Score
  • Laurel Triumphant – Complete a single Moment of Triumph during Destiny’s first year
  • Laurea Prima II – Complete all Moment of Triumphs during Destiny’s first year
  • Slayer of Oryx – Complete a Moment of Triumph during Destiny’s second year
  • Heard the Call – Complete all Moment of Triumphs during Destiny’s second year
  • Young Wolf – Hit Rank 2 in the Age of Triumph record book
  • Saladin’s Pride – Hit Rank 7 in the Age of Triumph record book

Once you drop into The Farm, head over to the deserted fountain where the large vault towers sit. Approach one and access it to bring up a new menu and then go over to the “Collections” tab at the top right. There you will find all of your rewards, including The First Wave beta emblem all of which can be simply selected and added to your inventory. Don’t worry about deleting these rewards, if you remove an emblem it isn’t permanent and you can always come back to acquire them.

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