Destiny 2: Will The Borealis Exotic Come to Xbox One and PC?

Destiny 2 Borealis Sniper


Destiny 2 is almost here and users are gearing up to dive into the story, kill tons of aliens, and obtain as much loot as humanly possible. However, not all of the armor and weapons will be available, as some of the gear is only obtainable if you purchase Destiny 2 for PlayStation 4. Part of an exclusive deal, developer Bungie will be offering a fair amount of content to PS4 players that aren’t obtainable anywhere else that we know of. Currently, there appear to be no plans to bring the Borealis exotic sniper rifle to either the Xbox One or PC versions of the game this year. This also seems true for the three specific armor sets that are PS4 only content.

Given the original Destiny exclusive weapon, Hawkmoon, didn’t arrive on Xbox One until at least two years after the game launched, one shouldn’t expect the Borealis to be any different. In fact, Hawkmoon was only available for a limited time via Xur, so if you missed that weekend the hand cannon was unobtainable. Remember, the Borealis will not just be given to those who own a PS4, as you’ll need to hunt for it in-game via loot drops or engrams.

As for the actual Borealis rifle, this exotic has the unique property to change its elemental type between Void, Solar, and Arc whenever you want. This mechanic was only previously seen on one other Destiny weapon, which was a fusion rifle called the Mur Mur. Being able to change elements will be critical for end game activities like Nightfalls where modifiers such as Solar Burn. Popping enemy shields with their corresponding elements is also key, as it will create a mini-explosion that damages all foes around him.

If you are looking to complete Nightfalls or other modifier based activities in Destiny 2 there is no doubt the Borealis will be a fantastic asset to own. We will update this story if any new changes are made regarding the Borealis coming to Xbox One or PC.

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