Destiny 2’s Full Soundtrack Leaks Online

With the forthcoming release of Bungie’s Destiny 2 this week, hype is at a fever pitch and every tidbit of information will likely be met with ravenous glee.

Such a tidbit dropped today. In this case, a tidbit for your ears. YouTuber Kiet has uploaded the full soundtrack to his / her YouTube Channel, which features OSTs for multiple popular games, including the recently released Mario / Rabbids crossover.

Alas, the full soundtrack was predictably taken down. However, here’s a trailer for the soundtrack from Bungie:

Destiny 2’s soundtrack, naturally, has big shoes to fill as the Halo theme remains one of the most iconic and heart-pounding game-specific music compositions in recorded history.

The first Destiny found itself at the heart of some internal drama as the composer for that game (and the Halo series) Martin O’Donnell was fired from Bungie, according to him, ‘without cause’.

Michael Salvatori takes the reigns from O’Donnell this year. Salvatori worked with O’Donnell through Halo and the first Destiny, so it’s safe to say the music in Destiny 2 won’t be dramatically different.

Ironically, O’Donnell didn’t write the official ‘theme’ to the first Destiny. Instead, it was the legendary Sir Paul McCartney.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

Tlohtzin Manuel Espinosa

Who the hell is McDonnell?? Martin O’DONNELL was the composer leader in the first game, and the composer of the Destiny Theme.

McCartney only has made the Song Hope for the Future, that originally was composed to be the ending of Music of the Spheres album, that was a never released Destiny’s Musical Precuel

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