Fortnite Battle Royale Tips: 10 Essentials to Get a #1 Victory Royale (2018)

Fortnite Battle Royale tips

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Fortnite: Battle Royale is out now for free for Xbox One, PS4 and PC owners. This new take on the battle royale genre allows players to get that wide open map and combat players have known to love but have also thrown some wrenches into the formula.

A major change that sets this game apart over PUBG or other games in genre is the ability to craft new structures. This means that you will not only have to loot weapons and ammo but you’ll also have to loot crafting materials as well.

We won’t distract you any longer, here are the top 10 Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks you need to know that’ll take you from beginner to a #1 Victory Royale. We’ll add to this list as we get more time in. We also had to rework tip number 10 because you now auto pick up ammo. Thanks Epic!

1. Try to Avoid Overpopulated Areas

Fortnite: Battle Royale

There are benefits to landing in settlements but keep in mind that you’ll likely find a lot of players landing there as well. This means it’s a footrace to find the first gun and if you happen to lose that race, you’re in big trouble.

If you land on the outskirts on an outpost, you’ll likely come across some kind of structure that has something useful like a gun or some crafting materials. You will then be able to use said gun and head into town if you’d like or move further away. Remember, this is a game about surviving so it’s okay to let the other players battle it out and kill each other. This just keeps you alive longer.

The addition of Tilted Towers has brought many players there. While there’s nothing wrong with landing there just know you have a much shorter life expectancy if you do. The only way to get better at fights is to actually get involved in them so also keep that in mind.

The new locations like Lucky Landing and Shifty Shafts aren’t very popular but still feature a lot of loot so you can still stock up on supplies without having to fight over it.

2. You Don’t Have to Shoot at Everyone

Fortnite: Battle Royale

With this game having 100 players in every match, you’re sure to come across several players are you’re looting a building or just running around in the environment. Unless you’re well equipped, it’s best to just let that player go.

For example, if you have a shotgun and you see a player sprinting across a field way in front of you, it doesn’t do any good to start taking shots at him or her. All that does is draw attention to you and it may cause the player to turn and take you out with a long-range weapon.

Just make sure you’re ready to fight when you decide to start engaging in battle.

3. Loot as Much as You Can


Having good gear is very important for success in Fortnite: Battle Royale. You don’t ever want to bring a shovel to a gun fight so it’s imperative that you find a good weapon as soon as you can.

One way to do this is to check every building you come across. You’re sure to find some good weapons that can help you survive an early firefight. If you’re lucky, you might get someone cornered in a house when they’re trying to find a weapon.

4. Don’t Take Every Fight

The important part of this game is staying alive. This means you shouldn’t just jump into every encounter you come across. Waiting it out and letting the players kill each other will pay off for you quickly.

By waiting, not only is the playerbase thinned out, but remaining players will likely also be hurt in the firefights. This allows you to potentially pick off low HP players if you’re quick enough. The addition of mini shields and chug jugs usually means players have shields, especially in the late game, but you can still get lucky.

This also means if you’ve been looting that you should have a good source of ammo, weapons and crafting materials on hand.

Trying to avoid combat doesn’t mean you should actively hide from other players but you should instead only take fights you can win. There’s no point in shooting a player from across the map if you can’t eliminate them.

5. Stay Away From The Storm

Fortnite: Battle Royale

This should go without saying but we’re mentioning it still. Once the area starts to shrink, make sure you get to safe area of the map right away.

Staying the storm causes your health to tick away slowly but steadily so it will cause some serious problems if you’re caught in the dead center of it. With there being no vehicles (yet), the center of the storm is a death trap unless you have bandages on hand but even that might not be enough to save you.

6. Keep a Balanced Inventory

Here’s another one of our Fortnite Battle Royale tips to win: diversify your inventory!

You can only hold so many things in your arsenal so its best to have a well rounded selection of items. This means you should have weapons and bandages on hand so you can heal yourself.

You should probably also shy away from having five shotguns as well. It’s best to have a ranged weapon along with a short range weapon. Having grenades or a grenade launcher also never hurts. And now that there are clinger grenades, you should definitely look out for those because they can do some serious damage.

7. Hang With Your Team


If you’re playing solo, you can ignore this tip altogether. However, if you’re queuing up with a squad, this tip is important.

One thing you’ll want to do to help ensure your survival is hanging out around your team. If you are shot and downed by another player, you will be able to be healed by your teammate. If this happens to you when you’re all alone, you’re all but dead. You might be able to buy a little team as you still have a pretty hefty health bar to deplete while you’re in this state.

You will also be able to loot houses quicker with a team as you can cover more area. This is vital since it seems like the storm is constantly shrinking the map on you so time is of the essence.

8. Don’t Forget to Build

If you’re coming over from PUBG or if you’ve never played Fortnite before, there’s one important element you should know about. Fornite: Battle Royale gives you the ability to craft structures from wood, brick or metal. Almost everything is the environment can be broken down in materials so don’t forget to collect materials from trees and other things.

Having a good supply of wood on hand can save you in a number of situations. You might be getting shot in the back so you can put up a quick wall to cut off your opponent’s line of sight. Or you could need to get to a higher point to see enemies or reach a chest, so you can just plop down a set of stairs.

The number one thing to stress to new players is learning how to build. You might even want to consider dropping in obscure locations and just practicing your building skills for a few matches. If you find yourself getting killed by someone who built structures all over you, just ask yourself what you could have done different.

9. Pay Attention To Noises

Footsteps are very loud in this game so you can oftentimes hear an enemy coming up on you before they actually get there. If you think you hear steps, just stop moving and listen for them. If they continue, that means an enemy is near you.

You will also be able to hear other players breaking down trees and cars. These are pretty loud noises so it will be hard to miss, even if you aren’t listening closely. Cars will sometimes set off alarms so that can be a good indication of other players nearby.

Glowing isn’t a sound but you can hear the glow of a chest when you’re nearby. Don’t ignore these as you’ll find a good collection of items inside like weapons, medkits, bandages and ammo. These chests can quickly fill up your inventory with worthwhile items which is never a bad thing.

10. Learn From Your Mistakes

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Here’ s THE most essential of our list of Fortnite Battle Royale tips: learn from your mistakes.

In terms of late game, you’re going to want to make sure you have a ton of materials on hand. Many times you’ll find the playing area shrink to an open field or somewhere where there is no cover. That’s where building something will be key. If a player built all over you while you have no materials, you did something wrong.

If you’ve been smart during the match, you’ve been breaking down cars, trees, houses, you name it and you should have a huge supply on hand. This will help you avoid getting sniped and also provide you with a vantage point that some unlucky players might not have.

Mistakes will happen in a lot in Fortnite but they are just something you’ll have to learn from. There’s a high skill ceiling so you will also have room to grow. The better players at the game usually know how to build and how to fight while some of the newer players find themselves hiding in bushes.

Just ask yourself – how many games have you won by camping in a bush with a white assault rifle?

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Land on the rooftop of a home and break smash your way in from the top. high chance of a chest to open with good lot or a nice weapon.

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