The Sacred and The Propane: Hitman Sniper X Just Cause 3, Explored

Hitman is a traditionally…heady franchise. It’s one of patience, understanding the nature of a situation, acting swiftly and quietly, and ideally leaving the scene with all dead bodies undiscoverable and your black-and-white suit completely unruffled – with a hefty dose of casually religious subtext thrown in for good measure.

Just Cause 3 probably docks you points for saying the word ‘unruffled’ aloud. It’s a bombastic, insane, sandbox of a game where creativity is often its own reward.

So the idea of them crossing over is a lot like mixing peanut butter and napalm. Yet, cross over they have, and if the trailer is to be believed, it’s given Hitman Sniper a bit of levity.

Hitman Sniper is one of many mobile games from Square Enix that look to try new and interesting things. Hitman: Go was a unique board game with a modernist aesthetic that begat Lara Croft: Go, and Deus Ex: Go – all critically acclaimed.

Thus, Square Enix has a track record with trying new things and having them go well, and if you watch the above trailer and don’t get even a little bit excited at the notion of rocket mines flinging enemies across a level, you’re very likely dead.

Speaking of dead, you can add in a zombie-related horde mode, ‘badges’ and ‘perks’ that make every destructible element explode, and it’s clear the traditionally reserved Hitman is letting its hair down.

…if it had hair.

Hitman Sniper X Just Cause 3 is available on iOS and Android for 99 cents.