Kirby: Top 10 Copy Abilities

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The recent Nintendo Direct announced the copy ability poll for Kirby’s 25th Anniversary. Fans can vote on their favorite copy ability and see which one gets crowned as the world’s favorite copy ability. The winner gets featured in a Nintendo 3DS theme and custom wallpaper, and may even appear in the upcoming Kirby Battle Royale for the 3DS. You can vote once per day until October 2.

All of the copy abilities are awesome, but here are 10 of my personal favorites.

Note: Opinions are that of the author and do not reflect the opinions of as a whole.

10. Yo-yo

kirby yoyo


You’ll be going around the world with this ability! The Yo-yo ability combines yo-yo tricks with breakdancing for a truly fun and surprisingly useful ability. It’s so fun that Kirby’s dash attack in Super Smash Bros. was changed from the Burning attack to the Yo-yo ability’s Break Spin. Unfortunately it has only appeared in Kirby Super Star (as well as its DS remake). Thankfully it’s returning in a big way with Kirby Star Allies on the Nintendo Switch.

9. Fire

kirby fire


Fire is a classic ability, debuting alongside other abilities like Ice and Beam in Kirby’s Adventure where copy abilities were first introduced. It’s fire breathing capabilities are a force to be reckoned with and often combines with it’s powerful cousin Burning as its dash attack. It can also light the fuses of cannons blasting you to hidden bonuses.

8. Fighter

kirby fighter


Kirby is pretty cute, which is why it’s so great to see him beat the snot out of everything he comes by. One of the best ways to do this is with the Fighter ability, giving Kirby a ton of powerful punches and kicks at his disposal. Also, Kirby just looks so epic with that headband.

7. Missile

kirby Missile


I was strongly considering putting Wheel on this list, but I found Missile to be much more fun. Not only do you go fast and ram through metal blocks, but you can fly in the air and explode. It was even more fun in Kirby: Canvas Curse as you can control the missile’s path with rainbows!

6. Sword

kirby sword


Another classic ability, Sword has you wielding a legendary sword and green cap just like that other Nintendo hero. It’s one of the most powerful and versatile abilities, granting you many different kinds of speedy sword strikes. It’s also used during the iconic battles between you and Meta Knight. No list of the best copy abilities can be complete without this one.

5. UFO

kirby ufo


It’s a treat when you get a UFO ability because it’s found very rarely in the games it appears in. In fact, in Kirby: Planet Robobot, you can only access the ability by using a Kirby Amiibo or by completing the game 100 percent. But when you do get it, it’s one of the most powerful abilities out there. It combines the Beam, Laser, and the Plasma abilities in one, as well as giving you infinite flight. And in Kirby: Planet Robobot, you can even suck in enemies with a tractor beam. It’s a truly epic ability that you should treasure whenever you find it.

4. Ghost

kirby ghost


You thought Super Mario Odyssey was the first Nintendo game to feature controllable enemies? Think again. The Ghost ability from Kirby Squeak Squad allows Kirby to possess nearly any enemy in the game, gaining access to all of their attacks exactly as they work in the game. It’s also quite an involved process to actually get the ability; you need to collect all seven Ghost Medal pieces and then beat the mid-boss Tedhaun or find it in the Secret Area once all seven pieces of the Secret Map have been collected. It’s a really cool ability that I wish was in more games in the series.

3. Suplex

kirby suplex


Take the power of the Fighter ability and the raw, unhinged bravado of a professional wrestler and you have the Suplex ability. With this ability, you tackle the enemy and slam them to the ground in a most spectacular way. You can even use enemies and enemy projectiles as your own projectiles to defeat other enemies. It’s so awesome that some of the moves of the Suplex ability are even used as Kirby’s throws in Super Smash Bros. The only downside is that you can only damage bosses with the Pinpoint Kick until they launch a projectile that you can then throw back. Despite that, Suplex is not only strong but very, very fun.

2. Hammer

kirby hammer


What time is it? Time for the third best copy ability. Hammer combines the range and variety of strikes of the Sword ability with the immense power of the Stone ability. Most regular enemies are swatted away like gnats with a single hit and bosses are easily crushed. It’s the weapon of choice for any arena mode.

1. Smash Bros.

kirby smash


Super Smash Bros. is one of the best crossovers in gaming, so it’s only natural that some of its greatness would cross over into other games. The Smash Bros. ability adapts Kirby’s moveset from Super Smash Bros. into the game. This means that you have the Hammer, Stone, Cutter, Fighter, and even the Suplex ability all rolled into one. It’s this combination of Kirby’s most fun and useful abilities that make the Smash Bros. ability the best. While the ability is surprisingly absent from the poll, it will always be number one in my heart.

What is your favorite Kirby copy ability? Let us know in the comment section below.

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