Merge Town!: Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top five tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Merge Town!

1. Tap Away!

• Unlike merge games that have come prior, there is no fall state in Merge Town. So tap away and fill up your board with buildings and crates. Tiles can be swapped and merged to create more room at any time, so you can do this without worry. As merging and upgrading is a lot quicker while you’re active in the game, it really pays off to tap and speed up the process.

2. Cover Your Bases While Idle

Merge Town

Gram Games

• Buildings will earn you money while you’re away from the game, so make sure there is a home (regardless of size, but preferably high level ones) on every plot of your map before you leave. Every house will be collecting coins that you can use to buy more buildings when you return.

3. Stay Focused

Merge Town

Gram Games

• Organize your strategy a little bit and you’ll see big rewards down the line. As your board fills up with higher level homes, you’ll have buildings that can’t be merged using up space – a good tip ahead of this is to keep your highest level building to one side of the plot, which also gives you a current goal to duplicating that building. The more houses you’re able to merge, the more stars you’ll earn, which in turn will give you higher experience levels that unlock new plots of land to drop house on and increase your earnings.

4. Spend Wisely

• Aim to spend your earnings on higher level buildings, which will save you the time to have to merge up to them. Free buildings can also be earned within the game, so keep an eye out on those. As you reach later levels, you will have also accumulated cash that you can swap in higher level purchases.

5. Sunsetland: The Party House

Merge Town

Gram Games

• Sunsetland, the second town, will be unlocked once you reach level eight. Sunsetland boasts an additional feature to help you maximize your profit – the Party House. When you begin gameplay in Sunsetland, the highest level building on your board will become your “Party House.” When you merge that building with another, that event will give further profit boost to all surrounding houses. Make sure to optimize placement such that your highest level houses benefit from the effect of the Party House.


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Tip #2 is wrong! Each building earns a little more than double than the previous, so merge everything, and leave empty spaces for new building when exiting the game.

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