NBA 2K18: MyCareer Tips

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NBA 2K18 is out now and with it comes another grindfest as you build your created character toward 99 overall. Achieving VC has arguably never been harder if you’re trying not to spend any extra money on this year’s iteration. On the other hand, the MyCareer mode received a huge jump in popularity this year with the new Neighborhood mode.

We’ve compiled some tips to help you boost your overall as quickly as possible and still have fun doing it. Without further ado, here they are.

1. Become a Starter

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To put it simply, more playing time means more chances to earn VC. VC is the lifeblood of this game and you need it to do just about anything, including getting a haircut. Outside of performing well in each game you’re in, becoming a starter will be the best way to earn more VC.

There are several ways to become a starter but once you make it there, you’re all set. More playing time means you’ll have more time on the court to make good plays. Doing things like scoring, taking good shots, playing good defense and setting screens will all allow you earn more VC in a match.

This will likely be your best way to earn consistent VC during the season.

2. Choose Your Archetypes Wisely

nba 2k18

This is something that’s very important when determining the future of your MyPlayer. For example, I made a 7-footer so I focused on rebounding and defense for my archetypes. These are the two things I wanted to do with my character so I chose two things I’ll be doing well.

Once I make it to a game, I pride myself around my defense and rebounding. I’m able to bring in double digit rebounds and throw in a block or two each game. Based on what you choose, you’ll be better at certain things. Just make sure you pick abilities you’ll be using with your character.

3. Boost Your Badges

NBA 2K18

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Badges are another important thing to work on in NBA 2K18. Badges will help your player’s performance in games so make sure you make it a habit to focus on them every now and then.

You can gain XP toward your badges by either working on them in-game or in the gym. In the gym, thinks will go a bit quicker, especially if you’re able to get the best score on every challenge there. You’ll also be able to boost your turbo for use in-game that will allow you to run quicker and perform some more complicated dribble moves.

Don’t sleep on the gym.

4. Choose a Team That Has a Need For You

NBA 2K18

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This isn’t vital but it will certainly be easier to carve out some playing time if you go to a team in need of whatever position you’re playing. For example, going to the Warriors as a point guard probably isn’t the best choice unless you plan on taking over for Stephen Curry.

You should be choosing a team to go to that will give you instant playing time. If you’re a point guard, choose a team that has a need for the position like the Bulls or Clippers. This will help you get some early playing time and even become a starter eventually.

5. Choose Your Difficulty Wisely

NBA 2K18

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I haven’t gotten a chance to test this out yet because it has been working so well. I’ve kept my difficulty on the Pro setting. As a result, I’ve been able to stuff the stat sheet game in and game out but I’m probably missing out on some of that sweet VC.

Stuffing the stat sheet is very efficient to boosting your badges and getting those upgraded. If you’re more interesting in earning more VC each match, you might want to consider raising the difficulty. You might find that boosting the difficulty will negate your earnings because you won’t put up eye-popping stats with regularity anymore.

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I still stuff the stat sheet on higher difficulty 30.6 ppg 12.5 rbs & 5 ast I play both forward spots I start at sf even started a few games at the 2 spot


hello guys i have a questions which difficulty level is hardest one the pro or hall of fames please tell me it is not clear for me .

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