NBA 2K18 Prelude Out Now: Here’s What You Can Do

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NBA 2K18 launches later this month but you can hop into the action today if you’d like. With NBA 2K18: The Prelude you can hop right into the action of your MyPlayer career mode to get a head start on other players. The Prelude lets you create your custom character, choose what position he’ll be playing and do a couple of pick-up games as you work your way up to fighting for a roster spot on your favorite team. Once you complete the MyPlayer career mode in the demo, you don’t have an option of doing it again so it really does give you a taste of what to expect and then takes it all away from you.

It’s worth noting this special early-access demo is only available to those with an Xbox One or PS4.

Outside of the career mode, you have 2KU, which is a mode that lets you learn the ropes of NBA 2K. You have your choice of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced tutorials which will each teach you different things about the game. While this mode is most likely geared to new players, veterans of the 2K series could likely learn a thing or two in these modes.

The MyPlayer mode lets you edit your custom character and scan your face if that’s something you’re into. Although you create your character when you load up the game, this will allow you to edit him if you don’t like the choice you made.

The last thing included in The Prelude is information about NBA 2K18. Clicking on that tab will allow you to pre-order the game’s Standard Edition, Legend Edition or Legend Edition Gold. The cover has been changed to reflect Kyrie Irving in his Boston Celtics #11 jersey.

What The Prelude doesn’t have for players is the new Neighborhood mode which allows players to walk around an open-hub world. Players will be able to purchase new shoes at Foot Locker, get a new haircut from the Barber Shop and even boost their attributes in the new gym area. This new mode looks to be a real game changer in the sports game landscape.

Also launching today is the MyNBA2K18 app, which will serve as a companion app to NBA 2K18. The app comes with the ability to watch 2KTV at any time straight from your mobile device. 2KTV is the show that you see playing on the home screen of recent 2K games and right before you start up a game. You may even get to answer some trivia questions to earn more VC.

NBA 2K18 releases on September 19, 2017 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Legend Edition owners will receive three-day early access to the game beginning on September 16.

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Really trying to figure out if I should open my gold edition. Ive never paid so much for a game. Considering, I have purchased each collectors since 2010! What you think?

Eli Becht

If you’re big into the MyPlayer and MyTeam part of the game it’s probably worth it. If you tend to focus only on playing seasons with your favorite team, probably not so much.

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