2k Support Is Getting Hammered With MyPlayer / MyTeam Problems

2K Support


2K Support is currently in the midsts of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. And that’s a shame because Support Specialists are rarely responsible for the problem – and rarely in a position to fix it.

Taking a gander at the NBA 2k Support Twitter Feed, it’s clear they’re under the gun – dealing with a bug in MyPlayer / MyCareer that would delete that player (and the VC invested in him) – and with MyTeam players getting a duplicate Sapphire Kyrie Irving card.

Initially thought to be fixed with a patch that released this week, it turns out this is not the case regarding MyPlayer.


Players are understandably upset, and some have resorted to complaining to the Better Business Bureau (who have zero governmental authority).


Traditionally a support aparatus is separate from the developers, meaning they’re given the tools to fix small problems and provide some trouble-shooting, but with a server-wide / community wide problem like this, there’s unfortunately very little 2K Support can really do to stem the tide.

It’s literally holding back the ocean with a screen door, and as a problem persists, players are likely to open multiple tickets for the same problem, creating a swell of support tickets support agents need to work through – often without a concrete action plan, because the problem is being solved on the back end.

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Thus – if you are an NBA 2k18 player with any sort of technical problem (of which I am explaining too) here is your best course of action:

Fill out a ticket here. Then wait. As patiently as you can. Filling out multiple tickets will only slow the response as support systems are almost always first in, first out.

The people answering these tickets are in the same position as you – waiting for 2K Games to fix the problem so they can provide a concrete action plan to players.

Until then, take a moment to consider those on the other side of the screen. They want to help you as quickly as possible. Support is not the problem, and getting (understandably) angry at *them* helps no-one. They want to fix problems (it’s their job) and you want your problem fixed.

Believe it or not, you’re on the same team.

Try not to be Shaq and Kobe, okay?

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