Buying Pokemon Gold & Silver Gifts Celebi for Sun & Moon

Celebi, Pokemon

Pokemon Gold and Silver are releasing on the Nintendo 3DS later this month which gives players a good chance to revisit these classic RPGs all these years later. Gold and Silver took what was laid out in the first generation of Pokemon Games and built on the formula.

The two games feature the Johto region along with the Kanto region also seen in Pokemon Yellow, Blue and Red.  As a result, there are 16 badges to collect and over 250 Pokemon to collect, making Gold and Silver one of the lengthier Pokemon titles.

If you planned on picking either of these titles up, you are in for some good news if you have Pokemon Sun and Moon or plan on buying Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Purchasing Pokemon Gold and Silver on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console will allow you to get a Celebi in the Sun and Moon titles. Celebi has been available in the past as a Mystery Gift in previous generations but this will give players yet another chance to capture the mythical Pokemon.

There are more features the Virtual Console versions of these games offer over the originals. The titles will be joining Pokemon Yellow, Blue and Red, making the first and second generation Pokemon titles available on the Nintendo 3DS. All of these titles are compatible with the Pokemon Bank feature, which will allow you to store and move your Pokemon around through the games.

The release date for these two titles is September 22. The price is not yet known but the first set of VC games cost $10 each so we can’t imagine these costing much more than that. There is still no word about online multiplayer regarding the titles but it would be a great addition if that is added. Wireless trading and battles were announced but we don’t know if that only means local or if internet is included.

Curiously, Pokemon Crystal is absent this go around although Yellow was included with the initial set of games.

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