Pokemon Sun & Moon: 6 Variations of Pikachu Wearing Ash’s Hat Are Coming

Pokemon Sun and Moon

To celebrate the upcoming release of Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!, The Pokemon Company is releasing six different variations of Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The different variations will span across all the generations of the never-aging Ash Ketchum. The first week of hats kicks off September 19 and will start with Ash’s original hat.

IGN has mapped out when each hat will be making its way to Pokemon Sun and Moon.

  • September 19 – 25 Ash’s Original Cap Pikachu
  • September 26 – October 2 Ash’s Hoenn Cap Pikachu
  • October 3 – 9 Ash’s Sinnoh Cap Pikachu
  • October 10 – 16 Ash’s Unova Cap Pikachu
  • October 17 – 23 Ash’s Kalos Cap Pikachu
  • October 24 – 30 Ash’s Alola Cap Pikachu

IGN goes on to say those who see Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! English screenings on November 5 and November 6 will receive a Pokemon Trading Card Game card featuring Ash’s Pikachu and a QR code that unlocks an in-game Ash’s Pikachu with a different hat than the six ones listed. An event for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon centered around the movie is also coming on November 17.

The different Pikachu (Pikachus?) will be obtained through a code found on Pokemon.com during the listed weeks. It’s important to note that only one of these Pikachu will be available for players so you’ll have to choose wisely. We imagine a lot of players will be going for the original look but you might like a different look.

This Pokemon movie is somehow the 20th Pokemon movie since the first one and the popularity of the franchise appears to have no end in sight.

The Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon dual pack was recently announced by Nintendo. It includes both games, 16 art cards and a digital download for 200 Poké Balls. The dual pack will cost $79.99, which happens to be around what you would pay if you were to purchase the games separately. You can read more about what’s included here.

If you purchase Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon between the initial release date and January 10, you will have access to a special Rockruff that will evolve in Dusk Form Lycanroc. Currently, this appears to be the only way to obtain this new Pokemon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon release November 17 for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. If you don’t want to wait that long for some Pokemon action, keep an eye out for Pokemon Gold and Silver releasing September 22 on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

These two titles could potentially be the last mainline Pokemon titles developed for the handheld as production has begun on a Pokemon title for the Nintendo Switch.

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