Ruiner: Top 5 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Here are the top five tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Ruiner. This top-down, 3rd-person shooter places you in control of a rebellious sociopath who’s set out to reveal the truth behind a corrupt system. During your journey, you’ll be confronted by all manners of cyberpunk dangers in the year 2091. With this guide, you’ll save your brother from captivity, hack your way to freedom and shoot down every foe standing in your way.

1. The Spice of Life

Ruiner Game

Reikon Games

Ruiner’s expansive skill tree offers plenty of options to leverage against your enemies. Swap your active skills loadout on the fly or try combining abilities. There’s no penalty for reorganizing and experimenting will help you discover some new favorite attacks.

2. Move or Die

Ruiner Game

Reikon Games

• Dodge a shotgun’s spray, dash away from a triggered trap or snatch a health pack before a foe caves your head in. In Ruiner, movement is synonymous with life. Don’t stop for anything.

3. Take the Scenic Route

Ruiner Game

Reikon Games

• Straying from the beaten path might expose the city’s seedy underbelly, but curiosity is often rewarded; crates of karma and powerful weapons are stashed away in the shadows and befriending Rengkok’s citizens can reveal rewarding sidequests which introverted players will miss.

4. Swing the Right Tool for the Job

Ruiner Game

Reikon Games

• Trying to take down the thugs of Rengkok with just your sidearm will be no small feat. Even the playing field by wielding what they drop, discovering the strengths of each weapon and learning which situations call for up close and personal melee assaults over ranged shootouts.

5. Cherish Spatial Awareness

Ruiner Game

Reikon Games

• There can be more to every fight than just outshooting enemies. Sprint behind crates to escape returning fire, fling explosive barrels at enemies who dare to cluster up, or utilize bottleneck passages to keep swarms at a distance. Ignoring your surroundings is a great way to get flanked and firebombed; watch your back.

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