Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash Review: Wet ‘n Wild ‘n Pervy

Game: Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash
Consoles: PS4 (reviewed)
Publisher: Xseed Games
Developer: Tamsoft

To say that the Senran Kagura series is an “acquired taste” is an understatement. The Kunoichi that inhabit all of its action-centric releases are all lovable characters that have an ardent following. But its focus on erotic shots of each woman in compromising positions has kept it from being a series that everyone can play when the risk of someone catching them is high. That trend hasn’t stopped and continues to grow even stronger now that the ladies of Senran Kagura are engaged in water gun battles while dressed in bikinis. What’s surprising about their latest gaming venture (Peach Beach Splash) is how convivial the wet ‘n wild action of this entry can be.

The gameplay behind Peach Beach Splash is simple to wrap your head around – you and a team of fellow “bouncing” Kunoichi attempt to completely eliminate a rival team during water gun skirmishes. The battlegrounds provided for each battle deliver wide-open landscapes with plenty of horizontal and vertical locations to jump and dash to. While you may take one look at this game and label it as nothing more than an excuse to show plenty more T&A than other games of its ilk…well, you’d be half right.

What’s also delivered here is an immensely engrossing 3rd-person shooter with fast-paced mechanics and a deep customization system. The thrill of dodging powerful water shots from a sniper rifle and responding with a well-placed water ballon shot never grows tiresome. There’s a nice selection of water guns to choose from, which includes a gatling gun, rapid fire pistols and even a water hose. Along with those primary weapons, you’ll also have the ability to land melee attacks, call upon the aid of pets and activate special skills. Peach Beach Splash is much deeper than it initially appears on a surface level.

Another part of the game that will keep you coming back for more is its strong focus on upgrading mechanics. Over time, you’ll amass the currency needed to make your arsenal more formidable than it was before. Walking into battle with even more powerful dual water pistols and a stronger deck of pet/skill cards provides a high level of satisfaction. There’s plenty of chances to level up everything you attain thanks to the bevy of modes available for both solo- and multiplayer-focused players.

The Story Mode may feature a plot that’s simple and ultimately unimportant, but at least it provides a nice amount of battles with varied win conditions. There’s also the V-Road Challenge, which is a fun tournament mode diversion. And finally, there’s a collection of separate side story missions that provide more backstory on your favorite characters. Hopping online for ranked/casual matches proves to be just as merry as everything mentioned beforehand.

Xseed Games

Even with all the positives that I previously mentioned, there’s an elephant in the room that must be acknowledged. This game unsurprisingly features the perverted themes the Senran Kagura franchise thrives on. The fact that all the women tied to this new spinoff game are now battling it out in swimsuits is even more “revealing.” It’s hard to recommend this game to everyone except a certain group of fans who’ve fell in love the entire series from the start.

Everyone else will feel extremely uncomfortable with this entry’s focus on close-up shots of each character’s “goodies” and opportunities to grope them. The adult themes present here definitely prove to be a bit too much to stomach. Besides that issue, having to deal with the spotty AI is an issue. While they may help take down the competition well at times, they’re more apt to completely leave all the fire extinguishing tasks to you during certain missions. You’ll feel like you’re doing all the work while your team is too busy getting downed most of the time, too.

Bottom Line

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash

Xseed Games

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash surprises due to its strong gameplay that deviates from the assumptions made about it rom first glance. For anyone who’s gotten a kick out of the PvP battles that erupt when two players blast each other in Splatoon, this game’s mechanics will absorb you. The constant upgrading system and wealth of modes to stay busy with manage to give this game the high replayability factor it needs. Other than those pluses, it’s hard to deny its less positive factors. The over-reliance on near-nudity and softcore imagery will keep this game tied to a certain demographic only. Everyone else will surely stay clear of those themes. Even though the AI can be also be problematic, Peach Beach Splash still provides a solid dose of highly replayable water gun clashes.

Score: 7/10


  • The wet and wild battles never cease to be immensely amusing
  • The upgrade mechanics prove addicting
  • There’s a nice array of single player and multiplayer centered modes to enjoy


  • This is your usual Senran Kagura game, so the less perverted crowd should stay far away
  • The AI can sometimes be brain dead during the moments when they’re needed most
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