Splatoon 2 Splatfest Results: Team Flight Soars Over Invisibility

splatoon 2 splatfest results, splatfest results, flight vs invisibility

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

The results are in for Splatoon 2’s Flight vs. Invisibility Splatfest. And it looks like Team Flight soars over Team Invisibility.

The teams were first judged on popularity, or who had the most people sign up for their team. Team Invisibility had the most votes with 51 percent of Splatfest players signing up for the team.

The two teams were then judged on who had the most wins. Wins are divided up between solo matches, where individual players were put into teams; and team matches, where friends got together as groups and fought each other. Team Flight earned the most wins for both solo and team matches earning 55 and 52 percent of wins respectively.

splatoon 2 splatfest results, splatfest results, flight vs invisibility

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

This Splatfest had a noticeable delay between when the Splatfest ended and when the results were released. That’s because the results of the American and European Splatfests were combined, which took some time to do.

The Splatfest in Japan, McDonalds French Fries vs. Chicken McNuggets, will begin on September 9 at 3 p.m. JST.

Splatfest is where players choose between two teams to join and then battle it out with each other in Turf War matches. For this Splatfest, players chose which superpower they liked better: flight or invisibility. People on the winning side earn slightly more Super Sea Snails which are used to add new ability slots to gear or replace an ability and earn you the old ability chunk.

Mayo caught up to Ketchup during the last Splatfest. After being smashed during the popularity contest, Team Mayo won after having more wins in both solo and team matches than Team Ketchup. The Splatfest before that, Cake vs. Ice Cream, had team Ice Cream take the cake due to them having more popularity and solo match wins than Cake.

Here’s a list compiling all the Splatfest results.

If you missed this Splatfest event, don’t worry because Nintendo said that Splatfest support will continue for at least two years after launch. You’ll have plenty more time to compete in Splatfests for those precious Super Sea Snails.

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