WATCH: Chef Wars, A Mobile RPG That’ll Teach You To Cook!

Chef Wars Preview


Chef Wars, in addition to looking adorable and featuring a massive literally wide-open-world, is trying something new in the RPG Genre. It’s going to teach you to cook.

The premise, according to the developers is: “Players travel around the world to recruit chefs, source ingredients, and invent hundreds of real-life recipes. They can then use those recipes to win themed kitchen battles!”

So it’s a little Final Fantasy and a little Iron Chef, and delicious.

Watch The Trailer:

With over 500+ Cities (each with region specific special ingredients) you then combine these into a cooking pot and a real-life recipe will pop out, creating a cool gameplay loop where you’re constantly trying out new combinations to see what you come up with.

So what’ll happen is you’ll have a competition with a theme – say, peppers. You then make a pepper-related dish you think will satisfy the judges (all of whom have different personalities and likes).

On top of that different Chefs have different skills – so you’ll recruit Chefs specially tailored to a given set of cuisine types or ingredients, which you then use in your competitions, and they all have their own storylines too, and…oh man I’m hungry just thinking about it.

Whats cool is that you are likely to discover all sorts of new food…that you can then go try out for yourself in real life. It’s almost like a food version of the incredibly popular Design Home game.

Chef Wars plans to launch on iOS and Android and is currently in Beta for both.
Be sure to check out the official website and stay tuned for more delectable updates on this delightful soon-to-be-released game.

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