WATCH: Last Colossus, The Zord Fighting Sim You Always Wanted



As long as there have been children and nerds, there have been children and nerds eager to take the reigns of a giant lumbering robot that punches other giant lumbering robots (or aliens, or Godzilla).

Occasionally these games have been a lot of fun – Virtua On: Cyber Troopers is something of a lost classic. Otherwise, the games in this genre have felt a little…weird. It was as if you ‘were’ the robot, instead of controlling it (though titles like Real Steel and Pacific Rim have their moments).

Thankfully, for those of us who wanted to run a Power Rangers Zord, it looks like there’s a game for us coming next week. I present thee Last Colossus:

Clearly inspired by the monster / robot fighting we’ve seen in Anime (and the aforementioned Power Rangers) Last Colossus is a Robot Piloting simulation with RPG elements that harkens back to a retro era in several ways, namely the fact it looks like this game could *and should* have been released on the Game Boy way back in the day.

The developers, GameSpew studio, are famed for their retro-inspired games that all feature some level of RPG elements.

Lost Colossus looks to be a definitive iteration on their style, and is hotly anticipated.

Stay tuned for updates.

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