When Do MUT Champions Rewards Go Out?

From September 1st to the 3rd, Madden held its first MUT Champions league. To participate you needed to qualify by beating certain solo challenges, making the playoffs in the regular ‘head-to-head’ seasons, or complete a qualifier that required you to win three games in a row.

If you qualified, you were greeted with MUT Champions on the weekend. The goal: Win as many games as possible to score the best and sweetest rewards. Given 25 games to prove your dominance, there were milestones to achieve. 11 wins yielded you 30k coins and a golden player pack or two) for example.

Or so players thought. Many Madden players likely expected to see their shiny gold coins waiting for them when they signed into Madden 18 today. Instead? Nothing.

Even your humble narrator was confused:

Where were the rewards? Players spent…well over 15 hours playing these games and potentially avoiding social contact over the holiday weekend to do so, so, what was the deal? There was no word on the official Madden Ultimate Team twitter.

Well, it turns out, despite the league ending Sunday, rewards will not be going out until Wednesday, per EA Sports.

That link leads to a post on Madden 18’s official site:

“Players participating in Weekend League earn coins after every game based on the result (1,000 coins per win; 500 coins for losing and playing past halftime). But the big rewards won’t be handed out until Wednesday as our security team does an audit to weed out any suspicious behavior. Those rewards are tied to how many wins and what tier you finished in.”

Fair enough. Dedicated Madden players have two days to qualify for next weeks MUT Champions while they wait, and…there are certainly worse ways to spend your time.

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