In the Name of the Tsar in Battlefield 1: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

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Tell me about the level, where you start with one rifle in your whole squad. The rest of the squad have ammo and you’re told to pick up the dead man’s rifle. The case may also be that you pick up your female comrade’s rifle and you climb up over the hill.

You run through the snow, the wind, and with blood pounding in your ears, leap into the fray. The stage is set and here’s what you need to know about, the Legend of the Tsar expansion in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 – In the Name of the Tsar TrailerBattlefield 1 – In the Name of the Tsar Trailer ►Subscribe For More :D – ►How I record my gameplay: ►GameplayOnly (No Commentary) Channel – ►Join the Network I'm with – ►Follow My Twitter – ►Instagram – ►Facebook – ►Gaming Chair & Wheel Stand – (Discount Code…2017-06-10T19:18:42.000Z

1. To Start the Round Half of Spawned Players Are Mowed Down By Machine Gun Fire

If that were true, what an authentic expansion of Russian military combat it would be, but Legend of the Tsar in Battlefield 1 wouldn’t be very popular.
Instead it boasts a great blend of Battlefield 1 original content and something new you have to be excited about.

It’s basically Enemy at the Gates type action. Epic battles across snowy wasteland and your 9’th grade civics class in full motion. Trotsky?! Don’t you remember? Oh, I forgot; you fell asleep. Loved that lecture; I’m a nerd.

The new expansion of Battlefield 1 does bring some new talents, upgrades, weapons, and did we have Trench Raiders before? If not and you’re now asking, “what’s a Trench Raider? I urge you to sign on and finally shell out for premium. To the rest of you crying, huddled in the corner at the mention of that mace wielding freak; I feel your pain.

2. I Feel Like I’m Getting Ready To Fight Ivan Drogov

Battlefield 1 – Lupkow Pass TrailerThe trailer footage was provided by Battlefield community members, as I wasn't able to record during that period. Trailer features different perspectives from different players while being recorded at specific settings we all agreed on, to keep the consistency in every clip. It took me around a week to sort all footage from everyone and…2017-07-28T04:29:07.000Z

Running through waist deep snow, lifting rocks shirtless, and going for the gold… wait! The snow part stays but no shirtless rock lifting. The point is, the new battlefields are epic.

Different to all you haters ready to jam on your keyboards. It’s different and that’s important you understand the significance. Half of you are confused the Germans aren’t the bad guys. This isn’t the mainland fight in Europe, where who knows why anyone is fighting.

This means less hallways, bunkers and trenches. Its the wide open expanses, it’s the fight of the masses, it’s the fight for wheat, for oil. It’s the fight for a country. Women are leading the charge, the new start up screen, and it’s all hands on deck, in Red vs. White. Grab your new weapons, talents, and get ready to freeze your ass off because its tough odds, in the Bolshevik Revolution.

3. The First Thing You Will Notice is New Unlockable Talents Based On Your Class

Battlefield 1 – Russian Revolution TrailerNobody was expecting Tsaritsyn to drop on CTE after Gamescon, but luckily DICE decided to give us a surprise. Even though Tsaritsyn is not even close in being my favorite map, but it was a joy to edit this. It was really fun and it was awesome to be little bit creative. And we're actually…2017-08-28T07:27:52.000Z

There are little boxes below my weapon loadout. What the heck are these?! Holy ?! Perks! It’s time to augment your time tested methods with just the right amount of whoop ass.

It may mean less suppression on your screen and more on your opponent’s. It may mean less explosion damage taken by explosives or snipers. It may mean a shorter timer before your health regens. You just have to complete a few menial tasks for each specific class and one Omnivorous Palate covering some vehicle specific ones.

Did I say menial? I meant backbreaking.Trying to get two vehicle kills with the anti-tank grenade was not easy. A new challenge was exciting and playing out of my normal strategy had beneficial results. It wasn’t a bad thing I struggled unlocking more perks because I couldn’t blow up a damn artillery truck (the mosquito of vehicles). That’s not my expertise and so I struggled.

Improving your play across the various classes will not only be necessary but it will provide additional value. Don’t forget this during the struggle unlocking the full selection of perks.

It’s worth the grind and its okay; you may struggle with the crossbow kills. Your brother may struggle with dynamite kills. Scouting people with the trench periscope, well that’s impossible for your cousin. Don’t feel bad its not easy, allow yourself some rage.

Just unlock the perks. Then its time to play the way you like to and do so with renewed vigor. Get galvanized for these well earned perks and kick some major ass. You may even find yourself in customize setting up new weapons and finally using some of those stockpiled warbonds.

4. The Best New Strategy May Be To Start Losing

Battlefield 1 – Armored Train WhistleThe whistle of the armored train in Battlefield 1.2017-03-20T04:31:23.000Z

You heard this tip correctly and it’s all to get the train. Vehicles are less common and more dominant in the new Battlefield 1 expansion, In the Name of the Tsar. The armored train is no longer mediocre to bad. It’s the absolute difference maker. How much difference? Jumping out to a huge early lead will probably cost you the game on any train map.

Your opponent gets the boost if it gets too out of hand. Likewise, if your team is down by 200 after 10 minutes. Get aggressive and go for one of the far off objectives. In a good squad reinforce each other but don’t be afraid to let a few of you die. Dive in and throw some dynamite.

You take a far removed and difficult objective and now their lead is 300. That means incoming train and in this expansion that means an instant strategic advantage. You now have mobile fire support on the middle 3 objectives, on some maps more. It even feels faster now, moving between them, with the train always firing on multiple objectives.

The expansion changed the setting as well. The armored train isn’t just running through the middle of a city, in a moat that says lay mines here, or out in the middle of the desert, with a sandstorm. This time it’s a real threat and it will take a coordinated attack from your entire team to take it down quickly. If you let the train hang around too long, their goes your lead and your chances of winning this round.

5. New Maps, Guns, Voices, Outfits, and New Operations

Battlefield 1 Expansion

Electronic ArtsMore Expansions Are On The Way

Part of the excitement of expansions is all the new stuff, seriously epic loot. It’s usually a momentary rush of excitement because in your fervor you tear through the content. You want to try it all and catch them all!

It’s in our gaming nature and it’s refreshing when something substantial comes our way. This one hasn’t run out and this expansion packed a punch. New weapons and perks to empower your favorite play style. There are simply more things to grind out and accomplish.

That isn’t a bad thing when you paid good money and with neww contentalso on the horizon; it means Battlefield 1 is killing it. I promise you a premium account may be worth shelling out your hard earned cash to the DLC grim reaper

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