Battlefield 1: Weekly Medals, Tricks, & Kickass Tips

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It’s time for the latest tricks, tips, and some commentary on the current situation of Weekly Medals. A great way to explore new customization options for your soldier and all the while accruing experience. That’s what the medals are all about, setting goals and getting excited by the progress.

The advice on how to improve your game or add a few moves to improve your chances is just as important. Because it’s about what you know and how to use it to rack up the kills. Start your game up, track your weekly medal, spend some warbonds tightwad, and get your soldier all decked out. It’s time to get your Monte Grappa mojo working!

The Weekly Medals Are Either Way Too Easy Or Absolutely Impossible

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You need just a small amount of experience, to get a new level, and there is only one thing left to accomplish on your tracked, weekly medal. You simply can’t wait but as you click to see your task, there’s heartbreak.

Kill 156 Enemies With Dynamite (Progress: 3 of 156)

It’s usually a blend of weapons you don’t have, things you don’t know how to do, or kills with a shotgun. These medals also leave you running around throwing grenades in the air, shooting new guns innacurately, trying to figure out the trench periscope, and ultimately ruin many of the good habits you’ve recently formed.

Although, the weekly medals can be just what you need to keep late night games exciting and can provide a significant amount of experience. It’s nice to get a big boost of exp mid match and a bunch of achievements on the screen, like you won the slots in Las Vegas.

It’s a good system but often what is easy you’ve already accomplished and what is left is too difficult. It’s hard to pass up low hanging fruit as you move a little further down the list and see a new weekly medal.

Shoot One Person With Your Pistol (Progress: 0 of 1)

Don’t just dust off the Red Baron P08 and take the easy win! Go for the challenge and earn yourself a nice piece of flair from this week’s selection of medals.

Time To Start Using Airplanes, Artillery Trucks, and Your Own Horse For Cover

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Grab that plane like its the last fresh loaf of french bread. It’s the hottest ticket in town and you got it! An attack plane just for you. Try to make it last more than a moment.

It’s true that it always seems to happen when you finally get your turn as a pilot. The Red Baron himself swoops down and blows you to smithereens in seconds flat or you really thought you could just lift up in time to avoid the church. Don’t get discouraged, it’s hard out there for an ace.

Get one of your close friends to be the tail-gunner. You’d be amazed what you can accomplish with a little time and an extra set of eyes. Learn a single plane rather than trying them all. Specialize a little bit and learn how to make the turns just right. Soon you’re least favorite and ginormous desert level, will become your favorite.

After you take to the skies, try your hand at the most nimble and possibly most frustrating vehicle to go up against. The Artillery Truck is anti-ground, anti-air, and just about anti-opposite team. If you keep mobile, find some good sight lines, and aren’t afraid to use your machine gun; you will win the game.

Move around every few mins, to ensure no crafty soul sneaks up and places mines around you. Use your machine-gun if there are infantry or even someone out in the open. It doesn’t take up your precious artillery shots and it rips people up. Constantly monitor your ammo, more than in other vehicles, the shot you don’t have will kill you.

No heads up battles against tanks, but make sure you key in on other artillery trucks immediately. Low flying aircraft are like wounded ducks, help them out of their misery with a single artillery shell. Don’t let a bomber ruin your nice tan by blocking the sun. Clean up that slow-motion flying machine, even at high altitudes.

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Get to the gallop and stop waving around your sword. You are an incredibly fast, double grenade throwing, hip-firing assassin, and its time to stop using your sword. Charge into a bunch of buildings, get stuck waving your sword wildly. It’s no wonder you get shot and its no wonder you don’t like the horse.

Unless you have a spear and are charging dudes down in the open; I don’t recommend ever using your sword. Maintain distance and circle around enemies. Your gun is essentially a one hit kill and your horse can run people over.

Is someone dug in a little bit behind some rocks? Don’t charge in, repeatedly throw your grenades at them. Flush them out and shoot them when they leave cover. If help shows up or if you are taking shots from a sniper It’s time to run and serpentine pattern right out of there.

If you have to capture an objective or are taking fire with no chance for escape. Dismount and use your horse for cover. Even in one on ones, just simply dismount. You now have a more powerful Lawrence of Arabia rifle. It’s absolutely superior in mid-range and you can quickly turn the tide on a whole squad as you pick them off one at a time.

Duck under your horse or stand directly behind him to shield damage. Step out and fire on your attackers. Use your grenade to stop any groups from forming around you and keep picking off single attackers.

You can move to cover if your horse doesn’t make it or be proactive. After dismounting your squad can spawn on you, call for back up. Remember to use your ammo pack and bandages to support yourself and anyone near you.

Use your weapon, your horse, and some unconventional tactics to get the better of anyone. Use your horse to take a single point against all odds or ride down a trench mowing down opposition. Confidently ride your horse victory and then away into the sunset.

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