BlizzCon 2017 Virtual Ticket Gives Rewards in Blizzard Games


BlizzCon 2017 is coming up in November and there are currently two ways for you to view it. You can either go to the event live or stay at home and watch it online. You can watch it online by purchasing what is called a Virtual Ticket. This ticket will give you full access to the two-day event to Blizzard’s annual conference as well as some exclusive gear in various Blizzard games.

If you’re a big fan of Blizzard titles, then you’re in luck because a BlizzCon 2017 Virtual Ticket will earn you a reward in each of their games. Some of these gifts are available in the game right now so all you have to do is purchase a ticket and the rewards are all yours.

  • Overwatch – BlizzCon 2017 Winston Skin ­­– Live in-game starting today!
  • StarCraft II – Junker SCV, Probe, and Drone Skins – Live in-game starting today!
  • Heroes of the Storm – Nexus Razorback Mount, BlizzCon 2017 Banner, BlizzCon 2017 Portrait, and Cartoon Nexus Razorback Spray – Coming Soon
  • Diablo III – Murkromancer Pet – Coming Soon
  • Hearthstone – Mystery Goody – Coming Soon
  • World of Warcraft – Stormwind Skychaser and Orgrimmar Interceptor mounts – In-game now

There you have it. Overwatch, World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 all have their rewards right now so all you have to do is hop on and use them. The other games will have to wait a little bit longer for their day to shine. Starting today, October 10, BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders also get early access to the BlizzCon 2017 online merchandise sale on the Blizzard Gear Store. The public sale is scheduled to begin October 17.

Also beginning today is the Overwatch Halloween event.  Players can explore the streets of Eichenwalde and Hollywood, expand their collection of Halloween seasonal cosmetics and team up to fight the forces of evil in two PvE brawls—Junkenstein’s Revenge and the all-new Junkenstein Endless brawl featuring a different cast of heroes.

Blizzard is also introducing a host of new and returning skins available for players so players can unlock their favorite Halloween-themed items from last year along new legendary skins like Corsair Ana, Van Helsing McCree, Dragon Symmetra, and Cultist Zenyatta.

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