Chef Wars: All Recipes Revealed

Chef Wars Recipe Guide

Chef Wars Recipe Guide

Chef Wars is out on Android and iOS. It is a delightful, challenging, absolutely overwhelmingly massive open-world RPG that’s a little like Pokemon meets Iron Chef – with an incredible art style to boot.

You spend the game going from town-to-town (across the entire planet), battling chefs in cook-offs, gathering ingredients, and learning new recipes. In fact, there are over 800 recipes to learn in Chef Wars; and with many challenges requiring a certain kind of cuisine, it can be a little frustrating to spend hours mixing and matching and coming up empty.

While the joy in Chef Wars is this experimentation -and I wholeheartedly suggest you only look at the below information if you’re truly stumped- it’s possible you want to *know* what to cook, and would rather spend your time gathering ingredients, recruiting party members, and winning the Cheffy Awards.

In that regard, there *is* a list of all Chef Wars recipes. This handy google doc, put together by Chef Wars super-fan Regy, contains every recipe, and their associated cuisine type and tags.

Additionally, Regy put together a list of all the judges and their preferences, meaning you’ll know what to cook for who, depending on the challenge (or lack of a certain type of ingredient).

To reiterate, the joy in Chef Wars is finding these things out for yourself. But, considering how massive Chef Wars is, information like this can-and-will be helpful to many players eager to see the world, taste-by-taste.

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