Clash Royale Samsung 8 Fix Arrives Soon

Clash Royale Samsung Fix


Several Clash Royale players were greeted with a rollercoaster of emotion yesterday. With the rollout of the new October update which brought the new Touchdown mode, quests, and various card balance changes and bug fixes, the servers went down, and millions of players eagerly anticipated all the new bells and whistles when the servers came back up, update in tow.

Instead, when the servers came up, several users, specifically those using ‘Samsung 8’ devices, found their game screen distorted, rendering the game difficult to play.

Players were understandably upset, as reports of the problem rolled in:

The team at Clash Royale was quick to address the issue, but warned a full update may take ‘several days’ to appear on the Google Play store. Thankfully, the date for the fix is confirmed. It’ll arrive Wednesday, October 10th.

Clash Royale was actually down briefly today as the team addressed numerous other bugs, specifically regarding other graphical oddities.

That said, the October update has been met with good reception so far, though some players express concern regarding the nerfing of certain troops, and how overpowered others are.

The Hog Rider troop is being regarded as OP by many.

Stay tuned for more updates on Clash Royale, including tips on Touchdown mode, a report on when the update goes live, and more.

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