Clash Royale Touchdown Mode: 4 Tips & Strategies To Own The Gridiron

Clash Royale Touchdown Mode Tips


Clash Royale’s Touchdown mode debuted this week, bringing with it a paradigm shift in the traditional Clash Royale Gameplay. As a result, playing this mode requires a whole new way of thinking – certain cards are stronger, others are useless, and some can’t be played at all.

Thus, if you want to get a troop into the end zone and celebrate like you won the big one, read on for four tips that will up your game.

1. Keep in mind the following cards: Elite Barbarians, Lumberjack, Golem, Mega Knight, The Balloon, and Hog Rider.

The goal in Touchdown mode is to get your players into the end zone, while stopping your opponent from doing the same. This means you want to select a combination of fast cards that can run to the end-zone, defensive cards that will stop the movement of your opponent in their tracks, and assorted cards that are balanced.

Think of it like actual football. You’re going to have your linemen who do the majority of blocking, your wide-receivers that spring down the field, and your running back who is a balance of strength and speed – and can stay on the field and truck forward.

2. Crowd Control, Crowd Control, Crowd Control!

Touchdown mode can be a frenzied rush. If you’re not prepared to slow down your opponent with crowd-control related spells and cards, you’re going to have a bad time.

Thus, keep an eye toward to Zap, Arrows, Poison, and Freeze as spells you can hold and cast when things get hairy – in fact any card that can slow down the approach of the enemy via AOE or brute strength is worth keeping in mind when it comes to defensive tactics.

3. Track the Meta

Like all CCGs and competitive multiplayer games, Touchdown mode is going to change. New ideas, strategies, and exploits will be discovered – and if you want to compete and win, you’ll need to get up with that.

So, you’ll want to keep up with a couple of resources.
First, the reddit. The community is helpful, massive, and ever changing. If there’s a new type of deck, strategy, or way to win, you bet that information will find its way here quickly.

Second, The Clash Royale Deck Builder. This robust site allows you to build your own fantasy decks, and more importantly, view the most popular and highly rated decks across the player base, meaning you’ll get a window in what the best Touchdown players are using – and learn how to emulate (or counter) their play.

4. Watch Game Film

They say most football games are won in the film room. Knowing the best strategies, counters, methods, and mindsets allows you to be prepared.

The best way to do this regarding Clash Royale’s Touchdown mode is via the numerous streamers and YouTubers playing the mode.

If you’re brand-new, watch the kick-off challenge streamed by the Clash Royale team themselves:

From there, be sure to see who the most popular streamers and most popular videos on YouTube are – watching high-level play of Touchdown mode is the best way to learn. From Hearthstone, to Counter Strike, to DOTA, to just about any competitive game on the face of the planet, the best weapon is knowledge and confidence.

This video by YouTuber BenTimm1 offers some incredible tips, strategy, and ideas to help you win your games:

Additionally, listen to Clash Royale radio.

The best way to be knowledgable and confident about Clash Royale, and its Touchdown mode, is to watch, play, and experiment – soon you might just be the ‘team’ to beat.

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