Cuphead: How Likely a PS4 or Nintendo Switch Port Is


Studio MDHR

Cuphead is a 1930s-inspired 2D sidescroller than recently released Xbox One and PC. The game itself is an Xbox One console exclusive which means only those in the Microsoft ecosystem can actually play the game. Exclusives have become few and far between for Microsoft so it’s always encouraging to see one release for the console.

Cuphead was first shown to the public several years ago during Microsoft’s E3 press conference and while it has finally seen the light of day, many fans are wondering if the title will ever appear on other consoles. Just taking a quick glance at the game shows how it could find an excellent home on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s newest console.

So, what is the likelihood of a port to either of those consoles? Honestly, it doesn’t seem all that good.

A NeoGaf user asked if the game was a 100 percent PC/Microsoft exclusive to which a member of the team confirmed that it is exclusive to Xbox and PC.

Yes, this Cuphead game is exclusive to Xbox and PC (with Steam and Win10 versions at launch and a GoG release likely shortly after). There will likely be a Mac version down the road and possibly a Linux version beyond that (unless we lose our houses or whatever).

We own the Cuphead IP.

This doesn’t mean a potential sequel won’t appear on other consoles but it seems like this game will remain where it is. It’s possible the developers will change their mind and decide there is potential for more sales elsewhere but that remains to be seen. The team mentions they own the IP and not Microsoft which does give hope for other platforms in the future. We’d imagine agreements with Microsoft will keep this title on Microsoft’s platforms, though.

If you happen to have an Xbox One or a PC capable of running this title, you should do yourself a favor and pick it up. It can be punishing at times (read: most times) but that’s part of the charm this game has.

Cuphead is out now on Xbox One and PC on Steam, GoG and the Windows Store. Cuphead is a Play Anywhere title so that means an Xbox One digital purchase also nets you a Windows 10 copy and vice-versa.