Destiny 2: How to Beat the Savathun’s Song Nightfall

Destiny 2

Coming off the heels of perhaps the easiest Nightfall to date, this week’s post-game activity is a bit more challenging. Set in the Savathûn’s Song strike, players will need to keep their heads on a swivel and embrace the idea of always moving if they want to succeed. The two modifiers this week are Anomalies and Momentum, with the former focusing solely around the time bank mechanic. Unlike other modifiers, Momentum instills a completely negative effect on the player that causes health and shield regeneration to only trigger when they are moving. This means that if you are low on health you need to start running otherwise you’ll never recover.

To increase your actual time, Anomalies requires players to shoot and destroy floating blue cubes scattered throughout the level. After each one is shattered you will earn 30 additional seconds to your timer, so try to hit as many as possible during your run. For your loadout, consider running gear to make the most of the Momentum perk like the Transversive Steps. Also, make sure you have at least one Arc weapon since the Knights all sport this type of elemental shield.

When the battle starts, make your way towards the main garden, picking up the two anomalies on the left right before you break the window. Head left in the next room and deal with the various Hive enemies scattered around the door. Make sure to avoid the traps because you can easily be killed since they will stop your Momentum modifier. While you are hacking the door, have a fireteam member head out into the center of the courtyard to take out the three anomalies scattered above you in the far corners and the inbetween the horns of the large statue.

Hold off the enemies until the door opens behind you and fight your way into the green colored room that has a few Knights and a single Ogre. User a Super like Golden Gun or Fists of Havoc to clear this area out, as it can be easy to get bogged down in this doorway. Run through the halls and destroy the anomaly that is hanging above the blue chandelier by the stairs. Kill the guards and make your way down the next set of halls, collecting the other anomalies on the way.

Destiny 2


Once you reach the next main room, have your entire fireteam focus fire on the Witch in front of the orb. After she falls, have your team clear the rest of the Hive before grabbing the orb and slamming it into the receptacle by the two Shriekers. Clear out any remaining anomalies and then head through the strike until you reach the crystal filled area. Blow them all up and then make your way into the large area filled with all types of Hive enemies.

If you have a Super, use it on the main yellow bar Ogre in the center of the room. After this creature is dispatched, focus on wiping out the knights in the back corner before swinging left. There will be two more Ogres and a Wizard, so quickly kill these before focusing cleaning out the rest of the enemies. You will find several anomalies in this rooms like on the edge of the map and in the corner fountain by the two Ogres. Have your team make their way through the level, making sure to nab the anomaly in the second crystal room.

For the next section have the weakest member of your group grab the orb and make your way through the hallways to the drop-off point. However, don’t rush through since you can find an anomaly in the red colored hallway filled with acolytes. Continue until you reach the next area with the two Shriekers and have the orb carrier sprint for the receptacle. Once the Guardian plants the orbs, kill the remaining foes and continue down the stairs to the final part of the level. Remember, there will be an anomaly directly behind the large pillar in the double Shrieker room by the stairs.

Destiny 2

Drop down into the pit and slowly clear the room of Thralls, making sure to pick up the last remaining anomalies scattered in this area. These will be the last ones in the entire strike, so hopefully, you will have enough time for the boss. My fireteam got to this room with around 9 minutes left on our clock, despite missing a few anomalies early on. For this battle save your Supers for any minions the boss will summon, since it can only be damaged after you kill the reinforcements.

This is a fairly straightforward fight and thanks to the substantial amount of cover it will be hard for the Shrieker to kill you. If you do take damage, run along the outer perimeter since there is far more cover here. Try to avoid the center and the lower portion of the map, especially when the boss is positioned in this area. When the boss transports to the top section, take a few seconds to wipe out the wizards guarding the platforms. While the may not kill you on the way up to slam the orb down, there’s a high chance these Hive beings will finish you off once the boss transports. After the Shrieker reaches the center unload your Power ammo or saved Supers to finish this boss off.

In terms of load outs, we recommend having a mix of Solar and Arc weapons since those are the primary enemy shields. The Ogres will undoubtedly prove to be the most troublesome foes, so consider having someone bring a sniper rifle to deal with them from a distance. Try to also have at least one Warlock in your fireteam as their Healing Rift negates the need to run around. This is can be extremely useful in the boss fight when the giant Shrieker is focus firing your squad. Use grenade and rocket launchers for this final enemy since the target always remains static after it transports.

Just remember there are anomalies in virtually every room, so always look around when you see the phrase “Anomaly Detected.” Just don’t get in the habit of spending thirty seconds to find an additional thirty seconds. With a bit of patience and the right items, you will clear the Destiny 2 Savathûn’s Song Nightfall with no trouble.