Destiny 2: These Are the 5 Best Hunter Exotics You Need to Try

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If you are looking to deal death in Destiny 2 then it’s important that you pick the right weapons and armor pieces for your Guardian. While any item you wear will impact your in-game performance, the Exotic class gear is the rarest and most important. Since you’re only able to wear one Exotic at a time, it’s imperative that you pick the right item that can help you excel in both PvP and PvE activities.

When deciding upon this list we focused on Exotics that offer flexibility and strong use across both PvE and PvP activities. Unlike the other two classes, the Hunter’s Exotics are not nearly as flashy in their design or abilities. Many of them offer incremental advantages that are useful, but not game-changing. Now, this isn’t to say those Exotics aren’t useful, but a few are very limiting in terms of their performance.

Here are our top 5 Exotics that every Hunter should own:

(This list is in no particular order)

1. Raiden Flux

Destiny 2 Raiden Flux

Collin MacGregor

Our first Exotic is the Arcstrider focused chest piece known as the Raiden Flux. The unique perk Synapse Junctions increases Arc Staffs damage and duration after quickly unleashing successive attacks. This is an absolutely fantastic Exotic that can nearly double the length of your Arc Staff depending on how many enemies you’re up against.

Being able to wipe out an entire wave and still have some Super meter left over for the next batch of foes. A solid choice for both PvE and PvP, the Raiden Flux is perhaps the best Arcstrider focused Exotic in Destiny 2.

2. FoeTracer

Destiny 2 Foetracer

Collin MacGregor

An odd helmet, the FoeTracer can work with any of the subclasses that the Hunter has available to them. Its main perk is called Relentless Tracker which not only marks targeted foes but allows you to do additional damage to marked enemies when their health is low.

This a solid, well rounded Exotic whose benefits are more than welcomed in PvP and PvE. Being able to mark bosses to take extra damage or track other Guardians in the Crucible can be invaluable at times. If you are looking for an Exotic that’s not bound to any specific playstyle, then this is the one for you.

3. St0mp-EE5

Destiny 2 StompEE5

Collin MacGregor

Another passive Exotic, the ST0MP-EE5 increases the movement speed and double jump height of the wearer. This might seem like an odd, almost useless perk to have, but the increased mobility is a wonderful addition. Given the Hunter is already a high mobility character, being able to push this trait to its limits has a lot of benefits. This is specifically highlighted in the Leviathan raid where speed and agility is a core component to three of the four major encounters.

Yet, where these boots really shine is in the Crucible where the buff to your agility can make you a nightmare to deal with. In a meta where the MIDA Multi-Tool is utterly dominating, being able to rush these users and get in their face quicker can mean the difference between life and death. It may take you some time to really learn how to maximize your increased mobility, but once you do it will make you a far harder target to track.

4. Lucky Raspberry

Destiny 2 Lucky Raspberry

Collin MacGregor

Our second Arc focused Exotic revolves around those who want to use their grenades more effectively. The special skill Probability Matrix not only increases your Arc Bolt Grenade’s chaining abilities, but it has a chance to recharge it after each strike. This means if you have multiple opponents then you’ll have a higher chance of recharging your Arc Bolt. Despite being bound to a specific grenade type, the Lucky Raspberry is quite a potent chest piece when used correctly. We recommend using it with the Way of the Wind skill tree to ensure that you can synergize your Hunter’s recharge abilities.

5. Orpheus Rig

Destiny 2 Orpheus Rig

Perhaps the single most potent Exotic armor piece in all of Destiny 2, the Orpheus Rig is insanely powerful. The main perk recharges a specific amount of your Nightstalker’s Super meter for each enemy they have tethered. Due to this, a skilled and patient Hunter can literally just get their Super back after firing their Shadowshot bow. Combining this with Way of the Pathfinder skill tree and you will be firing an insane amount of arrows. This works in virtually every PvE scenario from Public Events to the raid itself, you will almost always find scenarios where you can instantly recover your Super.

Shifting to PvP the Orpheus Rig is less dramatic, but the impact it can have on the pacing of a match is still important. It’s very rare for anyone to get more than one Super during a match, so being able to obtain two, possibly even three can dramatically tip the balance of that round in your favor. Sure you normally want to actually hit a Guardian with the arrow, but if you’re quick in following up your kills, it won’t matter. This is wonderful Exotic and undoubtedly the most powerful PvE armor piece you can obtain in Destiny 2.

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