Destiny 2: Where is the Iron Banner Vendor? (Lord Saladin)

Destiny 2, Lord Saladin

Collin MacGregor

Destiny 2’s first PvP event has officially begun and players will no doubt be rushing to The Tower in order to begin their Iron Banner journey. This marks the first appearance of this popular event in Destiny 2, so there’s little doubt that swarms of players will be participating in the Crucible. Just like previous iterations of Iron Banner, representative Lord Saladin has made his way to the social space to interact with all the Guardians.

To find the Iron Banner vendor, simply spawn into The Tower and turn to your left. Jump on top of the Postmaster and quickly run up the orange and white ramp. Make your way around the catwalk to your right and you should see the massive Iron Banner set up in the far right corner. If you are lost, just remember that Lord Saladin is stationed directly above Shaxx and has a giant metal sphere directly behind him.

Run up to Lord Saladin to begin your Iron Banner quest, which will activate two Milestones that players need to complete. One of them is a Daily reward and all it’s asking you to do is complete 3 challenges in the Iron Banner game type. The other is for the entire Season, which asks users to turn in 10 Iron Banner packages. This comes out to around 200 tokens so you better start grinding now and make sure to nab those reputation bundles.

Remember, you can earn unique weapons and armor in Destiny 2, so it’s worth the trouble of acquiring tokens for Faction Engrams. Keep in mind that your Light level does not matter this time around, so feel free to join anytime after you beat the campaign. If you are going to play, we highly recommend going in a  group since the game mode Control requires a lot of communication. Now if you excuse us, we need to go impress Shaxx and Saladin in the Crucible.

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