FIFA 18: How to Organize Your Team

FIFA 18 Cover

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The brand new FIFA 18 has finally downloaded and you’re going to get right to Kick-off. Don’t be the guy who sets up his custom settings and renames his player profile. When 7 people are waiting their turn to play the game, dive right into the action.

Now, when you have a bit more time on your hands, enjoy other game modes like the popular FIFA Ultimate Team or the second installment of: The Journey.

A lot of great content, but now its time to get your absolute money’s worth. Fire up career mode and build an unstoppable juggernaut out of your favorite team. Don’t sit back go after your favorite superstars and use the new tools available as a manager.

This will help you build the best version of your dream club. It’s time to start up a new season and put your team into the best position to win. Here’s what you need to know about organizing your team for success.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Set Custom Tactics and Tell Your Guys Where to Be

Tactics aren’t the tasty low calorie mint. They’re the key to winning games with less effort and scoring goals, lots of goals. It’s time to set your team with confidence. Use the right formation and tell the team how to play your brand of the beautiful game.

Don’t set your team up in a 5-4-1 and tell them to attack all out. It isn’t balanced enough to send everyone up. Push up your wingbacks and use pace on the counterattack. Then you can watch your crosses into your target man with glee as your opponents hands white knuckle in terror.

You can turn any formation into a winning formula with the right players and a little experimentation. Set up custom tactics it will be worth it.

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Formations Have A Brand New Bag

Last year in FIFA 2017 the 4-3-3 was dominant. With the proper speed on the wings it was a deluge of crosses, counterattacking football, and knifing runs into the heart of your opponents defense.

With the differences in control, speed, and the effectiveness of defenders in FIFA 18 there is a new method to the madness. It’s time to bring a more defensive line up, that means a strong defensive midfield, to the table.

Really control the midfield. Giving ground when you need to but pouncing quickly on bad touches and try to close down any space. Stop up the passing game and quick one-twos in the middle of the field.

If your opponent’s game plan is to sprint up the wings and make a quick pass back in the box; you should know this song and dance by now. They’re going to run out of stamina and your center backs will not.

You can make sure they can’t drive into the box and push them out to the sideline. Be aggressive on bad angle crosses with your goalie. Focus on the midfield. No easy winding runs and a through ball are going to beat you this year. Accept more defensive formations and use your head to get the advantage. Manage well, fill out your new team with the best young talent, and use the advanced control of FIFA 18 to take control of your play.

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