November’s Games With Gold Features 3 Must-Play Games

Games With Gold November 2017


Holy Telltale Batman! November’s Xbox Live Games With Gold have been revealed, and it’s a doozy. Adventure, action, racing, and humor are on display, and of the games offered in the month of November, three of them are must-plays. What are they? Read on to find out.

1. Trackmania Turbo

Available from November 1st to the 15th and described as ‘simply one of the most entertaining arcade racers on the market’ by Gamespot, Trackmania is basicially what would happen if your overactive childhood imagination and Hot Wheels cars had a video game baby.

Based on a long-running and massively popular free-to-play PC series, Trackmania Turbo Features Loop-de-loops, insane customization and sharing, and a tangential relationship to gravity, Trackmania Turbo is the kind of racer people who hate racing games, tend to love.

2. Tales From The Borderlands

Available November 16th-31st, this episodic Telltale Games series tells the tale of a lowly corporate stooge who goes on to, well…I wouldn’t dare ruin it for you.

What it will ruin is your sleep schedule. Each of the five episodes come packed with funny moments, poignant touches, and just about the most awesome soundtrack this side of Baby Driver.

While knowing a bit about Borderlands will help inform the world, the reality of the game is that it’s ultimately a heart-felt satire of the adventure game genre, from hilarious menus to unreliable narrators, to a frankly brutal conclusion, Tales from The Borderlands is an absolute must play.

3. Nights Into Dreams

Developed by the legendary Naoto Ohshima (who designed Sonic The Hedgehog!), Nights Into Dreams is a whimsical exciting and, ha, dream-like adventure that feels a little like a racing game.

It’s a little hard to describe the game because it really must be seen and played to be believed. There are dynamic elements at play involving creatures you can raise (that affect the background and environment), a combo-system, and haunted alarm clocks. Yes, really.

It’ll be available from November 1st to the 15th.

Lastly, Xbox Gold subscribers will be able to grab Deadfall Adventures on the 15th, and The Turing Test
a holdover from last month, will stick around until the 15th of November as well.

With the launch of Xbox Backwards Compatibility and the forthcoming Xbox One X, it’s curious the games selected here aren’t particularly taxing graphically, nor are they from the original Xbox.

That said, if Microsoft wants to deliver games of this quality on a regular basis as part of the Xbox Games With Gold program, it’s hard to find much of anything to complain about.