Guns Royale: 4 Quick Tips For Success

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The PlayerUnknown’s Battleground inspired Guns Royale launched on iOS this week and to call it a shocking success would be an understatement. The game already has thousands of 5-star Appstore reviews, positive coverage on Youtube and…and very little in the way of an actual community yet.

In fact, the Reddit has zero posts on it, that’s how new this game actually is – Reddit literally cannot keep up. So, what is Guns Royale? How do you play? How do you get good? What do you need to succeed? Read on to find out.

1. Use YouTubers and Twitch.TV for Gameplay Strategy

Guns Royale is *so* new there’s very little in the way of written material regarding the game. As a result, you’re going to want to head over to YouTube for strategies and gameplay tips.

Finding actual strategy guides is proving difficult, but as the game expands you’ll be sure to find all sorts of helpful resources from players and streamers as obsessed with the game as the fanbase.

For now, be patient, and DO NOT buy-in to the numerous videos suggesting there are ‘cheats’. Rarely, if ever, are there cheats for popular, online-only mobile games. You’re being scammed.

That said, watch this space for updates on the best strategy videos and guides available for title.

2. Use THIS Forum Thread For Questions

Guns Royale Tips and Cheats

While the Reddit is currently bare (more on this later) one of the most active areas to discuss the game appears to be this thread on the forums. Here, the developers and fans come together, ask questions and share strategies.

However, most of the community is switching over to a ‘release’ thread, which is less filled with data, but more likely to be updated.

Thus, use the first, pre-release thread to learn strategies and tips from the Beta and immediate release, then flip over to the second thread for information on the meta, and what to expect going forward.

3. Get Active On The Reddit

Guns Royale Tips & Strategy & Cheats

For some inexplicable reason, the Guns Royale Reddit is completely blank as of this writing. As any Hearthstone, Pokemon GO, Clash Royale, or DOTA player would tell you, a game’s reddit is the place to go for new information; including strategy and tips, as well as news, regarding a game.

The Reddit is in desperate need of activity. If you have questions, post them there. If you have strategy and tips, swing them there too. The key to a good game like this is a solid community. If players (and that means you!) want Guns Royale to succeed, they need to congregate, share, and succeed, and Reddit is often the best place to do that.

2. Play With a Good Connection

Guns Royale Tips

Playing this game via the data from your phone can be a mixed bag. I’ve run into a situation where I’d dive into a game and promptly die without even knowing why, due to my own lag.

If you’re going to dive into a game like this, with multiple players connecting from across the world, you want to give yourself every advantage you can. Be certain to play on a strong wifi connection.

If you don’t you might wind up facing instant disconnects, serious lag, and losing games before they even begin, which is great for coins, but not so awesome for players who want to win that delicious digital, pixely, chicken dinner.

1. Beware Launch Week Jitters; Keep an Eye on the Twitter (And Facebook)

There’s gonna be bugs. You know it. I know it. The Developers know it. In the first few days of release, players have had issues connecting to servers, some weird glitches like getting into a game and being bounced out to the menu, and so on.

There’s also numerous questions about gameplay mechanics and certain types of ammo, and the developers, Wizard Games, have been quick on the reply, releasing ‘tips of the day’ explaining the various gameplay functions within the game.

Until the game community becomes galvanized and immersed to the point where they can answer these questions amongst themselves, you’re going to have to look to the developers as your primary resource for answers regarding Guns Royale gameplay – via their twitter, or the previously linked-to Facebook.

That said, this game is absolutely in its infancy, and boy oh boy it’s a huge infant. The game is blowing up – faster than people can write about it.

If *you* have tips, suggestions, or resources, be sure to share them in the comments below for your fellow players. You might just save a life.

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