Heroes of the Storm: Everything You Need to Know About the Recent Hotfix

Heroes of the Storm HGC Finals

Blizzard Entertainment

A second significant patch released recently for Heroes of the Storm. On September 26, the newest Hero joined the Nexus. An Overwatch universe support, Ana who had been eagerly anticipated, was well received. Well received by anyone that didn’t main a melee warrior prior to her introduction.

With Overwatch skyrocketing in popularity since its release, each new hero from the universe has been celebrated. This patch is no different and her play style has shown that Ana is quickly becoming a game-changer. While it isn’t uncommon for newer heroes to have success, there has been talk of a hotfix patch as she has continued climbing the win % ladder.

Christmas Come Early From Blizzard

Many players were shocked at the proximity of Ana’s release to the, Call of Kel’Thuzad Event and the Kel’Thuzad character release. Christmas comes early for HoTS fans whenever Blizzard drops new characters and this was no different. Excitement for a new event is always expected, but when you add to that a new character, and a second new character, who’s an Overwatch support to boot! This latest patch had the HoTS community absolutely rocking.

Time to Patch Things Up

With every big change in the game’s character pool or a new map there comes an influx of players. People who have shifted their attentions away from the game, come roaring back when one of their favorite characters is introduced to the Nexus. That traffic combined with the changes made by several large patches often leads to a small “hotfix” in order to clean up the game experience. This keeps things running smoothly, while allowing Blizzard to eliminate new or existing bugs. True to their style, Blizzard Entertainment announced a hotfix patch over the weekend; it has recently been completed.

This means no longer will Falstad’s Tailwind ability not be disrupted by receiving damage and thankfully it means no more moving pick-ups in the Medivac by Lt. Morales. The largest change is, Diablo’s Devastating Charge actually stacks its damage on enemy heroes stunned by Shadow Charge. With this hotfix done, its time to hop back into the Nexus and show ’em what you’ve got!