HGC Finals At BlizzCon: The Best & Brightest

Heroes of the Storm HGC Finals

Blizzard Entertainment

The Heroes Global Championship Finals begin this week. With the first match of Group A, beginning at 11 AM PT on Thursday, October 26th. The teams are set, the stage is being assembled, and 1 million dollars in prize money is waiting.

One million dollars is a pretty big purse for a finale in its second year. It’s definitive that Heroes of the Storm is on the rise. With a decent number of new heroes to heat up the action.

This finals, featured at BlizzCon, is sure to be one to remember, so who are the major players? Here’s what you need to know about this years Heroes Global Championship Finals.

Meet The Finalists

HGC BeginsWelcome to the HGC! Teams from all over the globe face off every week in the Heroes of the Storm’s HGC competition, and you won’t want to miss a minute of what’s sure to be an incredible year of competitive Heroes of the Storm! For information on Heroes of the Storm and the HGC, visit…2017-01-17T19:03:09.000Z

It’s been a journey, a struggle perhaps for some. A nice easy stroll, into the finals, for others. No matter what the path for these teams was; it’s clear they are ready now. Well, they hope they’re ready or it will be a short trip to Los Angeles, CA.

Group A: Deadly Kittens, CE, MVP Black, Tempo Storm

Group B: Fnatic, Team Freedom, Dark Sided, Beyond The Game

Group C: Team Dignitas, Roll20 esports, Red Canids, Tempest

Group D: Soul Torturers, SPT, Team expert, Ballistix

The Western Clash and Eastern Clash are over. The two deciding playoff battles, with teams from each hemisphere. Through this grueling crucible, also a thing for HGC, the best teams have been prepared. It’s game time, get some!

All New Meta & Brand New Characters Will Make This HGC Finals Like Nothing Else

Viewer’s Guide to the HGC FinalsAn informational video to give the viewers key details surrounding the 2017 HGC Finals. For information on Heroes of the Storm and the HGC, visit the links below: HGC 2017: heroesofthestorm.com/esports/ Website: heroesofthestorm.com Facebook: facebook.com/heroesesports Twitter: twitter.com/heroesesports2017-10-19T17:00:51.000Z

Adding new heroes, skins, and doing some major overhaul on the system before BlizzCon means a lot. Unique characters from popular universes get the crowds excited before the matches even start.

I’m not even sure if the crowd at BlizzCon can get anymore excited, to be honest. It’s a packed house and it means nerves will be exposed. Likewise, team’s will be emboldened by the cheers and we’re sure to see some of the most epic plays all year.

Stay alert because these team’s are battle tested, but in their buildup boot camps, teams prepare some unique approaches to the game. Drafting will have people on the edge of their seats to see who’s picked and banned.

Speaking of unique, I hope your ready for some new wombo combos. Because every finals their is a combo in a team fight, we never thought possible, and it brings down the house.

Final Form: Who Are The Favorites

HGC: Dev Thoughts – Episode 4In this series of videos, a member of the Heroes of the Storm developer team recounts some of their favorite moments from the HGC. Music: “Malicious” by Slips & Slurs monstercat.com/release/MCS419 For information on Heroes of the Storm and the HGC, visit the links below: HGC 2017: heroesofthestorm.com/esports/ Website: heroesofthestorm.com Facebook: facebook.com/BlizzHeroes Twitter: twitter.com/BlizzHeroes2017-10-19T18:00:00.000Z

Other than the awesome developer above and myself, not many are favoring the North Americans (NA) to win. Even at home base it’s hard to pin down someone, from Blizzard, with an opinion on the favorites. The teams themselves are boasting; jostling and jockeying for position with their words, like pugilists before the fight.

Korean professional teams, most namely MVP Black, hold the solid advantage. Their winning streak has propelled them to the top of the Korean standings, no easy feat in arguably the world’s most competitive league.

Their record of 14-0 in match play and 42-6 in total games speaks for itself. Other Korean teams are no slouch, but don’t forget about the well established Europeans(EU).

The EU teams are led by Fnatic and followed by Team Dignitas. Fan favorites and with their excellent map control ability; they’re possibly a counter, to the aggression Korean teams are most known for.

China possesses huge talent but has much to prove. Some people think China is already looking ahead to 2018 and may underwhelm. I think that’s the perfect atmosphere for an underdog. With your guard down, these teams from China have enough punch for a knockout. Don’t be shocked if you see SPT in the Finals; you heard it here first.

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