Junkrat in Heroes of the Storm: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Heroes of the Storm HGC Finals

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A couple of patches, hotfixes, and a maintenance session. They wonder how we knew something big was coming. Our intuition proved enough to figure out, the next exciting hero to enter the nexus.

Junkrat is here and the popular Overwatch character is going to make  quite an explosive entry. Entering the game, winning a popularity contest, and no doubt making a big splash at the HGC Finals. Get ready for Blizzcon by meeting the newest hero out there; here’s everything you need to know about Junkrat.

1. He’s Got Mid-Range Talent and Scouts Say He’s Explosive

Junkrat Spotlight – Heroes of the StormThe destruction of the Australian omnium left the area an irradiated waste and survivors like Jamison Fawkes were greatly affected by radiation. Now as the explosive-obsessed criminal Junkrat, he is renowned for leaving havoc and bedlam in his wake. Get all the necessary information and gameplay tips on our newest Assassin Hero, Junkrat, Junker Demolitionist,…2017-10-09T16:30:00.000Z

A potent ranged assassin is coming from down under. Get ready to see one in every game and he’s going to blow the party up. Junkrat will be poking away from distance but like all ranged assassins their is an element of danger. When the action gets too close, even with his peg-leg;it will be time to move. Junkrat’s success will be closely tied to his positioning.

Junkrat’s positioning is extremely important in Overwatch as well. A creative concussion mine attack or a nice trap in the perfect spot changes the game. Though a mine by itself may get you out of trouble. Those types of plays take a great eye for where to be and a little oomph.

Blizzard likes to give the new characters a little oomph and their favorites a little extra oomph. Junkrat’s got oomph! He can lob in cannonballs, yeah you heard me, giant cannonballs from distance. He can not only root enemies but also displace them. Sounds fair to me; it’s just a little D-Va, Li-Ming, and Uther in one character.

2. Total Mayhem Isn’t Just Your Trait – It’s Your Goal

Heroes of the Storm – Assault on Volskaya FoundryCommence combat operations! Get a first look at what’s coming to the Nexus in our upcoming major updates. Meet Ana, Veteran Sniper, Junkrat, Junker Demolitionist; and get a first look at Volskaya Foundry, our newest Overwatch-themed Battleground. Protector online! For information on Heroes of the Storm, visit the links below: Website – heroesofthestorm.com Facebook: facebook.com/BlizzHeroes…2017-09-15T18:30:00.000Z

Disruption is going to be the key. As Junkrat you’re constantly in danger; I mean your whole life is playing with explosives. It’s time to embrace that on the edge mindset. You might ask, “may I blast myself and my opponents all over the map like I do in Overwatch?” Why yes, why yes you may blast people all over the map.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself in harms way for a kill but beware, with your limited mobility; you may not be able to escape if Concussion Mine is on cool down. If there is no way out for you as Junkrat; it’s time to dive into the middle and take everyone down with you.

Get to distracting your enemy with Chattering Teeth and grenades bouncing everywhere. Complete Gotta Trap ‘EM All early and set up 3 active sets of chompers around the map. Then watch your opponents scatter when they hear the Rip-Tire revving up to come after them.

Of course the same Rip-Tire will be coming for you in turn. Don’t worry; I’m sure your whole team will shoot at it and stop any danger. Right?! everyone will shoot the tire in Heroes of the Storm the same way they do in Overwatch.

Please Shoot the Tire!

3. These New Characters Will Equal The Difference Maker @ Blizzcon & HGC Finals

Obey the Call – Heroes of the StormAll shall feel the touch of despair as the darkest secrets of the Nexus are revealed… Drawn to the immeasurable power found within the Nexus, Kel’thuzad, Archlich of Naxxramas, has turned several of the noblest Heroes against their allies, and he will not stop until all become minions of the cold dark! 2D designs, animation…2017-08-21T16:07:28.000Z

Things aren’t just getting stirred up; Heroes of the Storm feels about as shaken as a Ramos Gin Fizz right now. Add some new characters, simple syrup, and the old meta because things are changing right before the biggest time of the year.

HGC Finals @ Blizzcon are at the end of the month #Big Deal. Mostly because Blizzard Entertainment has boasted over $1,000,000 in cash and prizes.

VideoVideo related to junkrat in heroes of the storm: 5 fast facts you need to know2017-10-09T15:39:20-04:00

Lucio! That part comes later!

A new mage, a new support, and now a ranged assassin?  Do you know what is an even #Bigger Deal? When its Ana, a support that throws melee front combat on its head. Also, what just happened to Lt. Morales when Ana cuts off her healing beam?

When its Kel’Thuzad, shooting frosty chains at you every .03 seconds. His global ult combined with Global Strike; and an Artanis ult for flavor *mic drop*.

What about this, the game is on the line in the HGC Finals; Tracer darts away from the fight to take out the back line. Caught in a trap*!* Don’t worry here’s a nice purple orb of energy from Li Ming to greet you. The opposing team dives in to control the objective and the back-line is blown forward by ; into ETC’s Mosh Pit.

The Junkrat grenades flying out of the bushes or the Rip-Tire; chasing you down; it’s Junkrat coming to get you. The freaking new character is Junkrat!

4. What do Junkrat, Kel’Thuzad, and Murky Have in Common?

Heroes Esports Mid-Season Brawl Trailer (Fan-made, Not Official)This is a fan-made trailer for the Heroes Esports #HGC Mid-Season Brawl happening at DreamHack Sweden 2017. **This is NOT an official Blizzard trailer** Voices contained are: – Dreadnaught – Gillyweed – Khaldor Photo credit: ESL and Blizzard2017-06-07T16:39:36.000Z

The Dreamhack event, in Sweden, was this year’s venue for the Mid-Season Brawl. The half-way point for the HGC and it was dominated by some of the new additions to the hero league draft. While a classic cool Stitches & Uther combo made for exciting plays from the original squad. It was the newest heroes showcasing the escapability, mobility, and unique protection schemes of the new lineup.

What about if you don’t just get away? What about the all important: up-time availability, not dead-ness?The truth is so what if a team pounces on you; in an effort to stop your potent zoning powers or to silence your damage output.

If your friend is often typing things like, “Did you go into the jungle and get melted like the grilled cheese you had for lunch?” A change of playing style may be forthcoming but until then try one of the new characters who allow you to instantly regen.

To your opponent the kill may provide a false sense of security. One away; their best hero is dead and out of sight out of mind. They couldn’t possibly continue to mount an attack. Oh, Wait!? Murky’s back, back again!

Well now the tune has a new beat…Ahem, Lucio….LUCCCIOOOOOO!!!

VideoVideo related to junkrat in heroes of the storm: 5 fast facts you need to know2017-10-09T15:39:20-04:00

If  your hero has been snuffed out in less than a moment, why not turn the tide and die for strategic value. It’s the Phylactery of Kel’Thuzad, classic Tyrael trading his death atleast one more,  Diablo begrudgingly giving up soulstone bonus to be right back.

and with Rocket Ride it looks like Junkrat is right behind them. In danger use it as an escape or find there is a brand new way to leave your mark on the team fight. A way to drop a little hurt on your opponents without leaving your teammates with the hurt of your death.

5. His Poke Damage Outweighs Any Movement Issues

Heroes of the Storm – Volskaya Foundry OverviewCapture the control points and co-pilot a massive Triglav Protector mech on our newest battleground, Volskaya Foundry! Featuring a brand-new objective, unique mercenaries, and a snow-covered city theme, Volskaya Foundry will be hitting the Nexus in our next major patch. For information on Heroes of the Storm, visit the links below: Website – heroesofthestorm.com Facebook:…2017-09-15T18:32:50.000Z

It must be said that Junkrat is fragile, that’s French. He is absolutely built for opportunity and disruption. If you have the vision and the range, however; you must let the grenades fly. A more distracting and colorful attack than any Falstad hammer coming your way; Junkrat is going to bring the pain from range.

Don’t forget their is no ammo gauge. Get into a good position just out of view and show them how they do fireworks down undah! Put his talents to use on the new map. Use conveyor belts to get yourself out of the way and maybe set up some moving traps for your enemies.

The dynamics of the game are changing quickly and skill-shot characters, just blew up in a big way. This is allowing an alluring amount of creativity to enter the HotS gameplay at home and on the big stage. Your explosion addled mind may be the only limit to your creativity as Junkrat, so go about things a bit differently. Danger may as well be your middle name!

Keep your eyes out for highlights and unique plays never seen before in the HotS community. This is going to be an exciting HGC Finals, with an all new meta and don’t be surprised when you see an MVP Black play using Rocket Ride!

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